Self-Esteem: A Key to Personal Success

Self-Esteem Is Not Inherited; It Is Learned throughout Life Experience

Self-esteem is the assessment that the person has about the different aspects that make up his/her personality: temper, aptitudes, skills, abilities, attitudes, among others. Self-esteem is not inherited; it is learned, it is enriched, and reinforced throughout life experience. It is also the key that allows us to open the path of achievement and success.

For this reason, we must reinforce and value our virtues, skills, and abilities. We must always set ourselves goals and tasks that we are in a position to perform; otherwise, we will face situations to which we will decay. If not well-managed, they will cause a depressive state and decrease in the level of self-esteem.

The development of self-esteem in a child depends on the degree of attention, affection, communication and acceptance by the adult that has great meaning for him/her. 

Manifestations of approval and positive reinforcements the child receives throughout his/her life favor the development of high self-esteem that will allow him/her to face the different challenges of life with optimism and success.

We must have the courage to be imperfect; that is, to accept our reality by acknowledging our limitations. In this way, the fear of making mistakes and not being accepted will become minimal. This will allow us to have good mental health and optimal personal and social development.

It is very important that each individual recognizes and values ​​their achievements and those of others, thus stimulating their self-esteem and that of our social group. A low level of self-esteem blocks the possibilities of advancement and personal development. Let’s learn to say “I am going to try it”, instead of “I do not know” or “I cannot do it”.

Low self-esteem is one of the obstacles in the path of personal development

Self-stimulation rules

  • Recognize mistakes and appreciate them in their right dimension, without magnifying it
  • Recognize and value personal achievements
  • Self-gratify
  • Understand that effort is necessary to achieve goals and personal development

Value and develop our abilities to have a good state of mental health, to achieve a good and adequate social relationship. A good level of self-esteem motivates the person to preserve his/her environment as well as collective health.

Personal and social responsibility allows the individual to develop harmonious social relationships as well as exercise a good sexual and reproductive and responsible function. Self-esteem can increase or decrease from emotional, family, social, or work situations, even by our positive or negative self-criticism.

Types of Self-Esteem

There are 2 types of self-esteem:

 High self-esteem

In terms of intellectual abilities, I am very clever in chemistry but on the other hand, I am very clumsy in mathematics. People with high self-esteem are characterized by being very confident in this way they can take risks and face extreme situations with a high expectation of success.

People with high self-esteem often shows great self-confidence

Low self-esteem

During adolescence, it is very normal for young people to present changes in their self-esteem because it is a period of growth and development they feel insecure, dissatisfied and sensitive to criticism can derive for different reasons such as the valorization that we have ourselves, the opinion that we have of our personality or beliefs among others.

A positive motivation when facing a situation increases the chances of success and therefore self-esteem. As our self-esteem is greater we will feel better prepared and more capable.

“Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”

Once you know what you want, think of what you want in positive with positive words. Also, by being positive means that when you set a goal and follow the necessary steps you will do it, especially when taking care of your words to motivate yourself.

Powerful people think and speak positively to move forward and motivate themselves.

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