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    Every Type of Foot Reveals How You Are

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    Abelardo Canelo
    I am not only a fluent Spanish-English reader/speaker but also a bi-cultural person who has a broad solid background. I also have a passionate interest in different expressions of music, especially many American styles and their combinations (Folk-Country, Jazz, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Soul, and so on), dance, stage and screen, and some other forms of artistic expression.

    Feet may reveal important information about an individual’s character and personality. On the other hand, foot shape often influences the body balance and the way a person walks, giving the chance to reveal hidden details which affect and describe a person.

    For this subject’s purpose, there are 4 types of feet corresponding to 4 types of characters that determine every person’s way.

    A – Common-shaped foot

    This type of foot, also known as “Roman foot”, is characteristic of people with a well-balanced body. It is typical of extroverted people with a sociable nature. Those who have this type of foot are willing to learn new things and participate in intellectual, stimulating, and innovative experiences. It is characteristic of travelers -that is why it is sometimes called “Air foot”– because they are lightweight feet, with a harmonic and well-proportioned shape, that eases the fact that they look like aerodynamic. Those who have this foot shape love discovering new cultures and enriching with new knowledge.

    The disadvantage of these people lies in their over-confidence and excessive pride that, sometimes, may lead them to show bizarre behaviors which could become troublesome to themselves.

    B – Square-shaped foot

    The square-shaped foot is a type of foot, a little bit wide, in which every toe’s length -including the big toe- is almost the same, so the foot’s shape is very similar to a rectangle. This type of foot is called “Giselle” or “Peasant feet” and it is usually characteristic of very analytical people. This kind of people likes to estimate and examine all of the sides of a specific problem before making a decision, by previously valuing the pros and cons of every action that must be performed.

    These people do not let influence themselves by momentary impulses, and always decide based on very solid principles. Besides, they are likely to be pretty feasible. In sum, they are reliable secure people who finish everything they have proposed to do.

    C – Greek-shaped foot

    This type of foot is characterized by having the second toe longer and stretcher. It looks more notable from the foot’s axis compared to the other toes. In this case, toes turn apart by forming a very similar shape to that of a triangle. Those who have this type of foot are very active, sporting-like, and creative-minded people. They like activity and get enthusiast pretty easily. They are also very talented by encouraging and motivating others.

    On the other hand, they are very impulsive people that sometimes may suffer from excessive stress and even infect it to others closely related to them.

    D – Sharp-shaped foot

    This type of foot has a long tied shape in which all toes become jointed and the big toe gets stretcher at the upper part. This foot has a very subtle delicate shape and denotes a dreaming person with an idealistic spirit. The “Water foot” or “Egyptian foot”, as it is also known, belongs to those who appreciate their intimacy and private life above all, and they are full of hidden aspects, with a tendency to sometimes escape from reality.

    It is all about people who often change their mood, and tend to be impulsive and rebel against the everyday life conventionalisms.

    Importance of the feet’s shape and size

    The feet and nails’ shape and size are a reflection of the character’s aspects that, apparently, are not easily noticed. For example, those who have small feet love good life and like to have an entrepreneurial way of life and be successful in business and new enterprises. When toes are twisted, they reflect a surrendering signal. Long-shaped toes denote ambition and a big big-toe symbolizes a high level of rationality.

    Another important factor to detect personality through feet is the observation of the way every person position his/her toes on the ground. With the help of reflexology, we can obtain very meaningful information about an individual’s health condition.

    Foot massage

    Massage in some parts of the foot generates nervous stimuli that are transmitted directly to the brain and, at the same time, causes a general welfare sensation. People’s abdominal pain, especially in the stomach and intestinal regions, can be relieved by massaging feet.

    The feet’s appearance can even help to find out if a person is likely to develop lung cancer, through the detection of nicotine residual traces on nails that can be observed when they start turning yellowish, in the case of frequent smokers.

    And you… What type of foot shape do you identify with?
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