Fallen DJ Legacy Lives On: The Posthumous Release of Oneiro’s ‘Pherrum’

    National and international artists come together to pay homage to the iconic Costa Rican DJ in an event celebrating his legacy and influence in electronic music

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    San José, Costa Rica – July 2024 – This upcoming Friday, July 5th, Campo Lago will transform into the epicenter of electronic music to honor the memory and talent of the legendary Costa Rican DJ Oneiro, known offstage as Iván Céspedes. Three years after his tragic passing, Sloth Acid, an independent record and apparel label, in collaboration with Puros Dieces from Costa Rica, proudly presents the posthumous release of “Pherrum” in an unforgettable night of music and celebration.

    Doors will open at 8:00 PM to kick off an exciting and energetic party, featuring a stellar lineup of both national and international artists. Among them are MishCatt, Kevin Knapp, Paulo Arruda, and Julie B, who will pay tribute to Oneiro with their performances.

    For over two decades, Oneiro was a fundamental figure in the electronic music scene in Costa Rica. As a co-founder of the Electric Animals collective and a constant presence at festivals like Ocaso and Envision, his influence and dedication helped shape the country’s musical landscape. Known for his innovative Progressive House, Afro House, and Indie Dance productions, Oneiro left an indelible mark on DJ culture, even coining his own genre called “Galac-Tech.”

    Michael Katz, event organizer and Oneiro’s best friend, expresses: “This event is very special to celebrate and keep alive the memory and talent of my friend. It is an honor to share his music and his legacy with all who admired and loved him.”

    Oneiro’s legacy endures not only in his musical creations but also in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him. His spirit continues to resonate in every beat, and this night at Campo Lago will be a testament to a life lived in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the cosmos.

    This launch event will feature a spectacular display of lasers and the best sound in the region, thanks to the Funktion-One audio system, with impressive realism and ultimately an immersive listening experience that will captivate all attendees.

    About Oneiro: Oneiro, whose real name was Iván Céspedes, was a pioneer and a vital force in the electronic music scene in Costa Rica. His talent and vision led him to co-found the influential Electric Animals collective and to become a constant presence at the country’s most prestigious festivals, such as Ocaso and Envision. Oneiro was known for his ability to blend genres and create unique sounds, excelling in Progressive House, Afro House, and Indie Dance, and even developing his own style, “Galac-Tech.” His commitment to music and innovative spirit have left a lasting legacy that continues to inspire DJs and fans alike.

    About Puros Dieces: Puros Dieces is a group dedicated to local hospitality, with investments in various businesses within the gastronomic and entertainment industries. Among their ventures are the renowned restaurants Sikwa and Crudo, the Bohemian Hotel, and the prestigious Ocaso Festival. Additionally, Puros Dieces specializes in event production and offers high-quality sound, lighting, and laser services through Slick Sound & Lasers, establishing themselves as a reference in creating unique and memorable experiences.

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