Envision: Cultural Meeting Celebrates Twelve Editions in Costa Rica

    It will take place from March 4 to 11 in Uvita, Puntarenas

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    Generating a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment have become the pillars of the Envision Festival, a world-renowned event that celebrates its twelfth edition from March 4 to 11, in the community of Uvita, Puntarenas.

    The agenda includes more than 70 artistic presentations focused on music, art, wellness and spirituality, among others. In addition to promoting a unique experience for its attendees, the event has focused its efforts on leaving something more for the country.

    Commitment to sustainability and environmental protection are key; during the event, practices such as waste separation, non-use of plastic or other non-degradable materials, water conservation and reforestation are implemented.Promotes environmental awareness among its attendees, encouraging them to adopt responsible and respectful habits with the natural environment.

    Promoting cultural integration

    In the social sphere, it generates local employment, boosts the economy of the area and surroundings, in addition to promoting cultural integration, commented Luigi Jiménez, Latin American Talent Buyer & Public Relations Manager of the event.In the social field, he works with non-profit organizations and carries out sociocultural responsibility activities.

    The economic impact is reflected in the thousands of national and international visitors it attracts in each edition, generating income for the tourism sector, at the hotel and gastronomy level, and offering a platform for local artists, musicians, artisans and entrepreneurs.

    To attend the event, the tourist spends two weeks in Costa Rica, dedicating one week to the festival and another exploring the rest of the country, including San José, Jiménez explained.

    Positive actions

    +17 thousand trees planted directly by Envision Festival.

    +80 thousand trees planted with the support of Envision Festival in collaboration with other initiatives.

    $18 thousand in medical equipment donated to the local Tomás Casas Hospital, located in Ciudad Cortés, a neighboring town of Uvita, for Covid relief efforts.

    $7,800 donated to the Uvita Community Food Bank, through a local foundation focused on identifying and distributing food to those families with the greatest need.

    +4,600 trees donated and planted with ASADA.

    Creation of eight mono bridges through a cooperative alliance with ICE.

    $17 thousand to fund improvements to the local water system.

    More than 30 tons of trash collected during nationwide cleanup activities in 2022 alone, successfully achieved as a result of a partnership with Operation Costa Rica.

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