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    A journey through the spiritual world and its different dimensions

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    From March 4th to March 11th will take place Envision Festival 2024 at Playa Hermosa near the city of Uvita, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

    Nested between the jungle and the Pacific Ocean, this one-week celebration, going from Monday to Monday, will allow the participants to enjoy not only music, but to live an experience that goes far beyond that.

    Created in 2011, Envision Festival welcomed more than 5000 people last year after a 2-year break during the pandemic, giving the opportunity for participants to embark on a spiritual journey.

    This renowned event, among the largest in Costa Rica, transcends conventional festivals to put focus on various dimensions of life and spirituality such as well-being, self-discovery, love, personal growth, and a sense of community. This journey allows participants to immerse themselves in a medley of music, yoga, art, education, workshops, spa experiences, and off-site excursions, creating a holistic and enriching experience.

    At its core, Envision Festival fosters a sense of community, welcoming individuals from all parts of the globe to inspire, share, and connect to one another, but also with mother earth. In fact, their ethos “Inspiring Love, Unity and connection to nature” resonates deeply.

    A 777 organization

    7 stages, 7 theme camps, 7 pillars. Whether intentional or not, the festival arranged most of its areas into 7 distinct parts, with the number 777 often associated with divine connection, spiritual awakening, and intuition.

    7 stages

    Envision Festival is unique in its distinctive Ethos but also its exceptional organization. The festival is expected to have 7 spectacular stages: Luna, Sol, Lapa, Workshops & Speakers, Mundo de Luz, and Performance. They will welcome a diverse lineup of international artists such as Troyboi, Daily Bread or Of The Trees but also national talents such as Diego Vargas or Santos. These stages, meticulously decorated with lights, fire, and seamlessly incorporated jungle-inspired natural elements, promise to provide the dancefloor with a unique perspective and leave guests thoroughly impressed.

    7 pillars

    Envision festival is founded on 7 different pillars: Sustainability, Music, Spirituality, Movement, Health, Art, and Education. These fundamental pillars are the key attributes that shape the vision and spirit of the whole event.


    Envision revolves around music, showcasing more than 50 artists performing diverse genres within a captivating scenery created to immerse the participants in an alternative realm, particularly emphasizing avant-garde music.


    Another particularity of Envision is the strong significance given to spirituality. This dimension of the festival comprehends the connection between beings as well as focus on expansion of consciousness. Throughout the event will take place various meditations and workshops related to spirituality and self-growth.


    Movement is a key aspect of Envision festival, which offers diverse workshops and classes of sports aiming at enhancing body mobility and corporal expression but also fostering the connection between the body, the soul, and the mind. To explore this, participants will be able to engage in activities such as yoga, dance, and martial arts.


    Envision places an emphasis on health, hosting workshops and conversations about medicine and practices from the past and the present, highlighting self-healing methods and environmental preservation.


    Art is part of the identity of the festival. It is present everywhere, from the decorations and the music to the natural surroundings and the participants themselves. Within the space of Envision, everyone is invited to express themselves and give free rein to their creativity.


    The festival focuses on education and more particularly holistic education. Thought leaders and change-makers will be there to represent the 7 pillars of Envision and lead conversations on different topics.


    Finally, the last pillar but probably one of the most important is sustainability. Unlike most festivals, Envision put a major focus on leaving a positive impact on the environment. Several workshops about sustainable practices will be organized for participants to be able to learn about how they can limit their negative impact on the environment and transform it into a positive one.

    A planet-friendly festival

    As mentioned previously, Envision revolves around sustainability, striving to leave a positive footprint on the surrounding area. To follow this vision, everything is created to make a positive impact.

    Attendees are required to bring their own plates and cups from home to use them throughout the week, ensuring no items such as cups are for sale on-site. In fact, there is not even trash cans on the festival grounds. Participants are responsible for bringing back what they bring in.

    Everything on site is also respectful of the environment. All the food and beverages for sale are locally sourced, and all the materials used for decorations are recyclable and sustainable. Indeed, most of the stages decorations are made of bamboo structures and mixes of woods collected on beaches.

    In 2020, the festival initiated its own foundation called Somos El Cambio, dedicated to environmental initiatives. This non-profit organization has already planted more than 70 000 trees in the area and collected 30 tons of waste.

    Envision also received several times the Greener Festival Award, highlighting its capacity to impact positively the environment but also to motivate a positive transformation in its audience through workshops, talks, and many other activities.

    Sustainability is one of the reasons why Envision is so unique. Luigi Jiménez, Public Relations Manager of the festival, explains: “When you go to a music night at Envision, you see that there’s no garbage on the floor or anywhere. People take care of the space and take care of other people around them. It is very different from the rest of the world. It shows what we are capable of, what we can bring to the world”.

    7 theme camps

    After the 7 stages and the 7 pillars, discover the 7 theme camps organized by Envision festival. They will be spread across the festival floors and will welcome participants to live and sleep in. Each of them is crafted to welcome individuals with unique personalities and common interests and passions, allowing their imaginative souls to converge.

    El Circo Performance Art camp, for instance, is meant to gather artists, performers, community leaders, and creative minds. Inside the camp will take place some events such as DJ sets, body painting, immersive workshops, and even shows and parties.

    The Earth Keepers camp was imagined for people willing to expand their knowledge of nature, including regenerative practices, herbs, or ecology. Eco-educators will be there to provide wisdom and inspire campers to foster their connection to the earth.

    The Oasis camp will be a “peaceful sanctuary” for participants to relax and rejuvenate, offering meditation, yoga, and breath workshops. It will allow each individual to meet healers and people passionate about the same things, helping them to connect with people with the same energy.

    Solo Travelers camp is meant to be a place for solo travelers and digital nomads to meet and co-live. Such a place allows these free thinkers to share their ideas and perceptions of the world while enjoying their experiences at the festival.

    High Vibe camp is an area hosted by the label High Vibe Records. This camp is a meeting point for instrumentalists, musicians, singers, rappers, comedians, or any talented person willing to connect into an art network.

    Family camp welcome adults as well as children of all age, ensuring a perfect setting for family to spend relaxing and amusing moments. It will offer natural play spaces, creative arts, inspiring music, and other activities.

    Finally, Love scouts VIP camp allow participants to experience a festival in the festival, by providing exclusive offers and activities as well as luxury accommodations. The residents of this camp will also have the opportunity to take part in private workshops, circles, guided adventures, and ceremonies.

    Signing up for one of these camps offers the possibility for participants to enhance their experience beyond the main events of the festival by connecting with similar-minded individuals and engaging in activities within a welcoming environment.

    This 2024 edition promises to be truly extraordinary, offering a fresh selection of artists as well as new spaces to discover. The festival is committed to offer an enriching experience that will take the participants on an unforgettable spiritual journey, fulfilling their will to learn about a wide variety of topics through enlightening talks, workshops, and classes.

    Explore further the Envision universe here: Envision Festival 2024 | Teaser | March 4-11th Costa Rica 

    And you, are you ready to envision?

    Author: Maïna Couturieux

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