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    German Carias
    I approach life as a continuous stream of opportunities for growth and learning through human interactions and personal exploration. In my quest for sharing a positive, dynamic, and nuanced perspective on world affairs, I became involved as an author for TCRN.In 2012 I was selected by Shell Oil as one of the top 25 global energy entrepreneurs.Involved in Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency since 2016.Passionate about transforming people’s lives through community CoLiving and CoWorking.
    For the last 40 years, work relationships have been changing like never before. The evolution and consolidation of the Internet as a global network, utilizing based on open standards, without owners or control centers has brought about new ways of doing things. Communications, buying and selling online stuff, socializing, working, everything has changed, even the way we inhabit, share and use working spaces.
    Enter Coliving. A concept inspired by coworking (to share the workspaces with a great diversity of people such as entrepreneurs and employees of other companies), coliving is gaining more and more traction around the world as it increases productivity practicality and effectiveness at work.
    A New Trend
    Keeping up with the changes has not been easy. As all these novel forms of working and of generating wealth began to challenge the old ways, the business world has had to evolve as well. Sharing an apartment with friends or study partners is not new. The difference is that the spaces are specifically designed for coexistence among professionals who are committed to sharing a place.
    ~ In a coliving environment, users share common areas such as the kitchen, dining room and other living spaces within a single building or community with several other people. The only private spaces are the rooms and bathrooms.
    ~ The economic motivation is important. Coliving is more affordable than renting, buying and/or keeping a house. An effective coliving community can offer flexible leases, pre-furnished spaces, and all kinds of amenities, but the main focus is on the exchange of very diverse knowledge and how it can benefit the entire community.
    A New Workforce
    Digital technology has grown so fast that just helping enterprises and individuals to ride the shockwave has become a job in itself. Group names like Millennials and Gen Zs are now creating industries and buzzwords that identify a new type of work force: the digital nomads.
    resonance Costa Rica
    These Digital Nomads take advantage of the freedom that technology gives them. With an internet capable device and an solid lnternet connection, they can take on jobs that are not dependent on a particular geographical location. This gives them the ample freedom to integrate work and at whatever schedule suits them, enabling them to perform at their peak, rather than a stationary Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 schedule.
    For the new nomads the idea of being chained to a desk is ludicrous.
    ~ Want to meet like-minded people, and discover new places.
    ~ Value autonomy and scheduling flexibility over traditional stability.
    ~ Want to take advantage of their abilities to ‘experience’ the world before slowing down.
    In addition, these professionals want a healthy balance between their work and their personal life.
    The trend is so popular that as more and more people are able to combine a nomadic lifestyle with a remote job or an internet business, so much so that telecommuting is becoming a growing source of tourism.
    The Digital Workspace
    It is a fact of life that when companies provide all the services and tools their workers want and need, namely fast and reliable Wifi, comfortable environments and furnishings, toiletries, services like cleaning, laundry, appliances and similar creature comforts, then their overall productivity is very likely to increase.
    The Offer
    Daniel Yépez, from Resonance sums it up: “The new digital technologies allow freelancers, entrepreneurs and fully-fledged companies of any size to deliver, and that’s great. We also understand that for the new workforce, balance and growth doesn’t imply working less but working smarter.”

    Daniel Yepez
    Social Entrepreneur Building a Better World
    “Resonance is about integrating and developing a multigenerational, creative group of people with similar interests and lifestyles into a community geared to live sustainably.”
    “One of our most important goals when solving a problem is achieving synergy. For us the idea implies teamwork. People both helping and learning from each other. It implies merging very diverse knowledge and skills in order to meet an objective efficiently and effectively.”
    “This is achieved through collaboration, each individual providing what he or she knows best. All that while they are enjoying what they have to offer, giving and in turn receiving gifts from the entire community.”
    “On the other hand, one of the risks that the digital revolution and Internet itself poses is that we shut ourselves off from the real world around us. We know that the hustle and bustle of the big city can be a pain sometimes. It can also leave you feeling out of touch from Mother Nature and the world around you. Maybe what you do require is some away time from it all.
    Resonance offers locations where you can hang your hat for as long as you want or need, to do your thing and enjoy the view at the same time.”
    Improve Yourself While Working
    “There is an old saying: never mix business with pleasure. Here we say: why not?”
    Coliving/coworking spaces usually offer amenities such as gyms, ping-pong tables, coffee machines, snacks, barbecues or swimming pools. For us that is a given.
    We have specialists on integrative, out-of-the-rat-race activities such as yoga, meditation, music, local crafts, flow arts and water sports. Our nomads also have opportunity for growing both as professionals and as individuals.
    Unity And Gratitude
    “At Resonance Costa Rica, we strive to live in harmony with the natural world. This is a reflection of our gratitude for life. We are a co-inspired community, devoted to working, living and learning together.”
    Wanna come and work with us in exchange for your skills?
    “Calling all soul-inspired entrepreneurs, digital nomads & freelancers!”
    Welcome journalists, photographers, correspondents, writers, web designers, programmers, bloggers, community managers, software developers, graphic designers.
    Experience our exciting Work Exchange program.
    Resonance Costa Rica
    Please check us out at Your skill set may be your ticket to live in paradise at one of our fully equipped villas! Come and change the way we live, work and play to achieve our ultimate potential.
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