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    8 Best Yoga Poses for Newbies

    Have you never taken a single yoga poses class and feeling the stress of getting down on the mat for the first time? Don't...
    yoga resonance

    Scientific Understanding of Kundalini Yoga

    Bhajan is a powerful technology for personal transformation which helps people to live their excellence
    Resonance Costa Rica

    Resonance: Integrating Coliving, Coworking And Well-Being

    For the last 40 years, work relationships have been changing like never before. The evolution and consolidation of the Internet as a global network,...
    costa rica wellness

    Costa Rica Launches Wellness Tourism

    Wellness tourism is a $ 563 billion worldwide market, and this sector spends approximately 130% more than the average tourist Costa Rica launched the Pura...
    costa rica spirituality

    How To Get Your Glow On … And Be a Light For The World

    To be radiant – is a manifestation sought after by health and beauty enthusiasts, as well as many followers of certain new age and...

    Yoga Festival in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has experienced a growing interest in yoga over the last 10 years.  Yoga meaning union has helped many people in the art and...

    Inaugural Costa Rica Fruit Festival Going Off-Grid

    Fruit The World is hosting a week-long event to cultivate and celebrate natural health through a fruit-based diet and lifestyle at Punta Mona on...

    Live from Costa Rica; It’s International Yoga Day 2016

    Today The Costa Rica News (TCRN) joins the United Nations-decreed in celebrating International Yoga Day with free online yoga workshops and classes for all levels....

    The Yoga Lifestyle

    Yoga lifestyle is a life of balance between “cleaning mind,& body” and “spreading the light”.  Thus yoga lifestyle is about purifying the mind and...

    What is yoga? International Yoga Day on The Horizon

    Yoga, meaning union, is a centuries old discipline that originated in India and involves the use of specific body postures to achieve a variety...

    Yogarte, Yoga, Meditation, and Art in La Sabana

    For all of those that like yoga, art. live music and to visits art galleries, they will be interested in this opportunity. the FESTIVAL YOGARTE program combines...
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