Learn About the Benefits of Yoga On the Body And Mind

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    Yoga is a discipline with multiple benefits that contributes to mind and body, practiced by more than 500 million people around the world. For this reason, June 21st is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Its habitual practice can change life, because beyond exercises, this discipline offers the opportunity to discover the sense of identity, the world and nature.

    Here are some of the benefits of its practice:

    Improves breathing: Yoga teaches how to breathe correctly. Breathing deeply and at a slow pace balances the nervous system, slows the heart rate, and relaxes the muscles.

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    Supports the immune system: Helps reduce the level of cortisol, the stress-related hormone. It has been shown that elevated cortisol levels can cause mood swings, weight gain, high blood pressure, and sleep and digestive problems, among others.

    Improves balance: As balance improves, so does flexibility, as the joints benefit from these types of exercises.

    Increase flexibility: It is one of the first positive changes when you start practicing it. Flexibility helps prevent injury. As flexibility increases, many of the muscle aches caused by daily stress disappear.

    Strengthens Muscles and Bones: Unlike bodybuilding work in gyms, yoga prevents lactic acid from building up in the body, leading to fatigue and pain. As for the bones, it is proven that yoga helps to strengthen them and slow down the loss of bone mass. Yoga improves posture, which affects the spine.

    A very complete practice

    “Without a doubt, yoga is a very complete practice that involves our entire being and as we practice it for longer, we will reach a deep state of well-being. We will begin to see the benefits that will serve as a stimulus to continue advancing in this discipline,” said Clayton.

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