Breathing Well Is Very Important

Breathing is the most important thing we must know how to do.It is not just about exercising, undergoing surgeries or finding the latest generation cosmetic. Fullness is made of daily actions that improve the quality of life, physically and spiritually. Get going and presently conjugate these words that will guide you towards a more harmonious existence.

Most of us breathe unconsciously and seldom stop to think if we do it correctly. And it is convenient to do it well because if oxygenation fails all health suffers.

What do you get if you breathe better?

All cells in the body need oxygen to function and this element before reaching the blood and reaching any organ first stops in the lungs.

That is why it is so important to take care of them. And it’s showing that good breathing is key to your well-being:

You get vitality. If you breathe badly the heart must make much more effort to function. On the contrary, improving your oxygenation benefits the heart, your cells, and you get more energy and everything costs you less effort.

You feel better. Taking a deep breath calms you down, and according to recent research from the University of Toho (Japan) School of Medicine, focusing on that breath for a few minutes even improve your mood.

Why the breath?

Because conscientious breathing helps to balance emotions and reduce tensions. “There is a connection between the body, breathing, thoughts, and emotions, says the expert Francisco Moreno. Just as our emotions can change our breathing, we can modify our emotions through breathing. Furthermore, 70% of toxins are released through respiration; however, we only use 30% of the lung capacity.

By increasing the use of the lungs, we increase toxin release and strengthen the immune system. Also, conscientious breathing helps reduce cortisol, the hormone associated with stress, and reduces anxiety or panic attacks.

How and when should you breathe?

Breathing techniques are designed to contribute to mental hygiene and achieve specific benefits. “Just as we brush our teeth every day, we also need to clear our minds of stress“, certain introductory exercises can be applied at home or in the office to reduce tension, discomfort or restore balance.

Sitting with your back straight, move your neck in circles, inhaling mid-movement and exhaling as you complete the turn. Try to do 10 repetitions interspersing movements to the left and right of the head. For peace of mind and lower heart rate, inhale deeply through the nose with a shrug, hold the air in and then blow the air out through your mouth while releasing your shoulders. Repeat three times and you will feel immediate relief. “

You must be careful with

Hyperventilation, a phenomenon that occurs when the person inhales and exhales quickly and feels short of breath, in addition to presenting symptoms such as headache or vertigo. This syndrome can appear in moments of high tension or panic, although if it is repeated it can also be the symptom of a more complicated ailment such as heart failure or pulmonary emphysema.

“If you want to learn to control and take advantage of breathing and avoid problems such as hyperventilation, it is good to consult an expert to learn a technique associated with meditation, yoga, and relaxation.”

If we incorporate a good breath into our daily lives, we will be oxygenating our health, and if we do it consciously, the results will be beneficial because we also keep emotions and positive thoughts active.

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