Why Yoga Will Change Your Life

    Discipline and constant practice are an essential part of yoga philosophy

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    In life you discover things that you feel the desire to share. Sometimes, they bring you so many positive aspects that the desire becomes a need. In my case, practicing yoga is one of them.

    Physical and emotional changes

    When I started the classes about 6 months ago, I did not imagine that I would notice those first physical and emotional changes so quickly. Above all, the emotional. Discipline and constant practice are an essential part of yogic philosophy. And in that, I have a lot in my favor because perseverance defines me and when I start with something, I fight for it and try to get the most out of it.

    In yoga you do not compete against anyone, not even against yourself. It is not about going further, but about making an effort, listening to your body and seeking inner balance with physical and mental strength. With his practice, I have managed to achieve that balance between body and mind. A balance that allows me to enjoy a state of fullness and happiness. More calm and comfortable inside my body. Strong, alive and full of energy to face everything that comes.

    Listen to your body

    Yoga has helped me listen to my body and connect with its needs. The body, the vehicle that has been given to us to live; who serves us, protects us and accompanies us with humility during our lives. Our faithful and true friend. That is why we must learn to listen to him and dialogue with him. This active listening has allowed me to pay more attention to my physical and emotional needs, which has obviously contributed to my physical and mental health.

    The importance of breathing

    Another element to which we must pay the attention it requires is breathing. Conscious breathing is one of the most important pillars in yoga. It is its base and being able to put our attention on it helps us to concentrate and get in touch with our body and with vital energy. What in yoga is called prana.

    Breathing is a totally involuntary act that we usually don’t pay attention to, but it affects everything we do. And it is that just as emotions affect our breathing, breathing also affects our emotions. For this reason, if you are able to detect and control changes in your breathing, you will be able to better cope with situations of stress, fear, anger, sadness. Our teacher repeats to us during the session: “savor each breath, savor it”.

    Perhaps, our rhythms of life lead us to situations and moments in which aspects as important as breathing, or listening to our body, take a back seat on our list of priorities. We do not fall back on the obvious need for them and ignore them. And that is when stress, insomnia, tension, anxiety, discomfort, physical pain appear, that is, being uncomfortable inside our body.

    Watch and listen

    For all this, I advise you to stop. That you watch and listen. Because this attention and this learning will provide you with an improvement in your quality of life and I would even dare to say, achieve the happiness that we all, in one way or another, seek. To finish, I would like to emphasize that we must also learn to thank our body and our mind for what they offer us every day. Love them and respect them.

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