Santa María Sector of Rincón De La Vieja National Park Reopens its Doors to Receive Visitors

    In order to continue being part of the economic reactivation of the region

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    Thanks to the efforts to prepare the site and the support of friendly organizations, volunteer groups and others; today the empowerment of the Santa María Sector is a reality.

    Currently, there is the support of grassroots organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and a group of businessmen who have come together and have made constant their support to the Guanacaste Conservation Area to collaborate in the maintenance of the Sector in a way that improves the activities related to attention of visitors in the sector.

    Economic reactivation of the region

    The reopening is done with a lot of effort and also thanks to the commitment of the staff that stands out on the site and of the administration that has included staff movements in the administrative part as well as in the operative part, in order to continue being part of the economic reactivation of the region.

    Aerial view of Rincón de la Vieja volcano

    Of great biological interest

    The Santa María Sector is a site of great biological interest, of high scenic beauty, made up of volcanic manifestations, natural and cultural elements. It contains an important extension of primary forest, in addition to diverse populations of fauna such as the jaguar, tapir, mountain pigs, spider monkeys, among others, and we have always considered that they should be for a responsible appreciation by visitors. To visit the site you must make a reservation on the website and take into account that the hours are from Thursday to Monday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

    In the same way, work is being done to find the appropriate conditions to enable tourist visits to other sites determined in the Management Plan as for tourist use, such as the Murciélago Sector, for which meetings have been organized with organizations in La Cruz.

    Likewise, alternatives are continued being looked to reopen the Argelia Post in Playa Naranjo, for which we have organized work tours with other institutions such as local governments, INDER and non-governmental organizations.

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