Costa Rica Launches Wellness Tourism

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    Wellness tourism is a $ 563 billion worldwide market, and this sector spends approximately 130% more than the average tourist

    Costa Rica launched the Pura Vida Wellness Strategy with the objective of expanding its offer to a market that seeks more meditation, reflection, yoga, treatments with hot springs and organic products.

    According to the authorities, the strategy is about unique, transformative and experiential experiences, which can be carried out throughout the national territory, and which can be performed in pleasant physical spaces with a differentiated natural offer.

    To expand this offer, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) will work together with businessmen through training, workshops, and talks, to improve tourist services and professionalize the sector.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), work stress is considered as a global epidemic and one of the chronic diseases with the highest cost of medical care.

    “One of the worst ills that afflict the entire world is the stress and potential of wellness tourism goes far beyond what we can see today because work stress is on the rise and Costa Rica offers itself as a cure for that epidemic”, Affirmed the Costa Rican Minister of Tourism, Mauricio Ventura.

    Meditation, Reflexology, thalassotherapy, yoga practice, flotation therapy, medicinal massages, treatments with thermal waters, consumption of organic products and outdoor sport, among others, are some of the activities that Tourists can find in Costa Rica.

    According to ICT data, tourism today is a global market of 563,000 million dollars and this sector spends approximately 130% more than the average tourist. Europe and America dominate this market.

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