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    Kim Kardashian Continues to be in Love with Costa Rica

    The American socialite Kim Kardashian once again made her obsession with Costa Rica very clear through her most recent post on Instagram, a social...
    costa rica retreats

    5 Simple Steps to Manifest More Money Flow in your Business

    I shared how manifesting is both art and science. Here is a simple checklist to see what you need to tweak in your life...
    costa rica retreats

    Why Affirmations do not Work

    Get-rich quick schemes are not a sustainable, ethical way to build legacy wealth. Many people want the easy and fast way to create abundance....
    costa rica wellness

    Costa Rica Launches Wellness Tourism

    Wellness tourism is a $ 563 billion worldwide market, and this sector spends approximately 130% more than the average tourist Costa Rica launched the Pura...
    pura vida costa rica

    CNN en Español Featuring Pura Vida Costa Rica

    Alejandra Oraa is the journalist for CNN en Español who will be in charge of the new season of Destinations, the travel and tourism...
    costa rica beach

    5 Reasons Why People Who Move to Costa Rica are Instantly Healthier

    Can a simple move really make you into a healthier person? In our last few months of traveling about Costa Rica, we noticed that a...

    Surfing: A World and Lifestyle Beyond the Waves

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The lifestyle of surfers is one of the most desired by those who love sun, sea and sand,...

    San Jose Costa Rica Metropolitan Lifestyle Growing

    For a majority of the 20th century, San José Costa Rica was primarily an agricultural city. But after the post-war baby boom (1948), large...
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