Why Affirmations do not Work

Part 1 by Tera Maxwell, PhD

Get-rich quick schemes are not a sustainable, ethical way to build legacy wealth. Many people want the easy and fast way to create abundance. But money, like every matter in this universe, obeys spiritual laws. I am not a wealth coach, nor a financial adviser. I teach a spiritual approach to creating affluence. When a person’s subconscious patterns, energy field, and conscious thoughts are energetically aligned with what he or she desires, he or she manifests that desire. It requires following universal laws of abundance and taking inspired actions to stay in the vibration of what you want to manifest.

Whether you agree with this idea or not, entertain the possibility for a moment.

In my affluence coaching practice, I have talked to thousands of people, and many people wonder why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for them. They are positive thinkers, yet don’t understand why they are not attracting what they want. Where is the life partner they want to call in? Where is the wealth?

Here’s why the Law of Attraction does not work for some people:

The Law of Attraction states that like attract like. If you want abundance, maintain the vibrational frequency of abundance to attract abundance into your life.

We are told to repeat affirmations and mantras over and over again to call in our desire.

Saying affirmations is like planting seeds in our subconscious mind. Yes, affirmations can be powerful.

But if you have energetic weeds in the soil of your subconscious, how can the affirmations take root?

First, you need to remove the energetic weeds, such as the limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and emotional imprints. It is critical to drill down to the root of the block. For example, generational memories are often passed down to us and shape how we think, feel, and behave in the world. If we believe that you have to work hard to make a lot of money, it will be difficult to create affluence from a place of ease and flow. Stubbornness, trauma, and belief in financial struggle, for example, are generational memories that we inherit from our family lineage. What a relief to know that this generational baggage can be released energetically so you no longer have to carry it around.

Once the energetic root is dissolved, the affirmation can be planted in the mind to direct the course of one’s life.

Here’s the thing:

Manifesting is both art and science.

In other words, there is a formula for success. And if you are not getting results, there is always a reason.

Recently, my client Jake expressed the anxiety he felt as cash flow was tight in his company.

Jake understood the spiritual laws of abundance, including the Law of Attraction. He meditated. He practiced gratitude. He focused on his intention.

Why was he having trouble manifesting the money?

Often, we cannot see our own blind spot. The truth was he was not 100% committed to creating abundance. He encountered a crisis in his love life that impacted how he felt about the world and himself. Until he could fully heal this rift and feel the forgiveness, he was inadvertently creating money lack in his business.

Often, our blind spots prevent us from seeing what is causing the gap in our ability to manifest.  If you are not getting the results you want in your life, there is always a reason. With a checklist, it is easier to see what we need to do to shift.

Stay tuned for the next article, where I outline the 5 Simple Steps to Manifest More Money Flow so you can improve your manifesting abilities.


SOURCETera Maxwell, Ph.D.
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