Police Will Step Up Security in Costa Rican Resorts

Police will ally with the National Chamber of Tourism to reinforce security

The Ministry of Public Security had a meeting with members of the local chambers of tourism in order to make an action plan for the improvement of tourist security.

According to Juan Jose Andrade, Viceminister of Public Security, the strategy involves business owners and other authorities.

The plan consists in evaluating and improving the different tourist sites of the country. For example, the Chamber of Costa Ballena Tourism implemented certain strategies to reduce crime against private property a year ago. The project succeeded thanks to the aid of business owners and the police. The media played an important role in this plan of defense as well.

“We have been working with the police since 2016 and the results have been so good that we only have two felonies in 60 days” – a report says.

The Ministry expects to get the same results in many other Costa Rican resorts.

Here’s a video of Costa Rica’s tourist police.

SOURCETCRN, The Costa Rica News
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