5 Simple Steps to Manifest More Money Flow in your Business

    Part 2 by Tera Maxwell Ph.D.

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    I shared how manifesting is both art and science. Here is a simple checklist to see what you need to tweak in your life and mindset to get the results you desire in business:


    1. Discover Contradictory Root Beliefs

    When we are aligned energetically with what we want, our desire becomes physical reality. It is inevitable.

    Often, we think that we are being positive. We believe that we can attract those dream clients, our financial goals this month, or even that hot date.

    Even if we resonate with what we say we want, we often harbor contradictory beliefs that repel what we want.

    For instance, we can say we want to increase our money, but we are not open to receiving abundance or support.

    In workshops, I often demonstrate this with a volunteer in the audience: When being muscle-tested, many people will energetically go weak when you hand them a hundred dollar bill. The volunteer will hold up his arm perpendicular from his body. And as I hand the hundred dollar bill to him, he cannot resist my attempt to lower his otherwise strong arm.

    Another contradictory belief many people have in common is believing that spiritual people cannot be wealthy.

    Or a person may be afraid to make more money because they will either have to give it away to a former spouse. Or they are afraid to surpass their partner in income earnings.

    Many limiting beliefs serve as pitfalls in manifesting.

    The key is to discover these mind viruses and dissolve them through observation or energy work.

    2. Rephrase contradictory beliefs through asking Why Questions.

    You take whatever you want to create and reframe as a question starting with Why. I call these Visioning Q’s. Noah St.John calls these “afformations:”

    For example:

    Why does everything always works out for me?

    Why am I so happy?

    Why do I love my life?

    Why does more money come in than go out?

    Why do I double my revenue this month?

    You are repatterning your subconscious mind. The Visioning Q’s work to bring to your conscious thoughts the negative unconscious thought pattern. And you are giving the subconscious mind “marching orders” to latch on to this positive thought pattern.

    1. Observe the pattern that is being created and discover the lesson.

    Once we “get” the lesson, we are free to move past the lesson. We no longer need it. So ask yourself: what is the lesson here? What is the gift?

    When we understand that we are the creators of our own life, we don’t blame ourselves for what is happening.

    But it does mean that we are responsible for creating every aspect of our lives, And even if we are creating a lack of money flow, we are invited to stay curious, since we are creating this for our Highest Good.

    Yet once we can learn from the lesson, we no longer need to repeat that “problem” in our lives.

    To move past a challenge, ask yourself: what is the lesson?

    Be the observer. Ask yourself: what is the gift?

    Stay vigilant and maintain curiosity. Watch for the signs.

    For example, I discovered that in past financial struggles, I had created money lack, so I could practice detachment from money. Each time I created a financial challenge, I received the opportunity to practice believing in abundance, even if my bank account didn’t currently look abundant.

    I noticed that each time this happened, I exercised the faith and belief in abundant money flow. And quickly after the “test”, money would appear.

    1. Increase your commitment to abundance.

    You are a powerful creator. Always.

    What is showing up in your life is the past reflection of your subconscious beliefs.

    To flip this, you have got to increase your energy to what you really want.

    If you are 100% committed to financial abundance, it will manifest into physical reality. This is a universal law.

    But if you are only committed 99%, that gap of 1% will stymie your money flow.

    Own your power to consciously create your reality.

    Here is an exercise to help you shift:

    Yell out loud with great conviction until you believe your words:

    I am the creator of my own life.

    I consciously design my reality.

    I choose wealth now.

    I create wealth now.

    I am the CEO of my life.

    I am awake in my dream.

    Repeat over and over until you feel the power and resonance of these words.

    This is but one tool in teaching you how to master your ability to consciously create your reality.

    1. Observe the feedback & course-correct if necessary.

    Often, we want more money, but the strategy we are following in our business is not fully aligned with our life purpose.

    The current challenge may be an invitation to try something new. If you keep coming up against resistance, pay attention.

    What different course can you follow?

    What is your gut telling you?

    My client Luke is an internet marketer that faced a standstill in his business when his business strategies were no longer working. The “problem”‘forced him to restructure his business to start offering consulting services.

    By staying detached from the current financial challenge, remaining curious, and tapping into your intuition, you will find the answers you are seeking.

    Abundance is here for you.

    When you truly believe this and leverage universal laws in your favor, you harness the Universe to support you in creating financial wealth.

    Pay attention to success moguls and successful business owners in your industry. They may not understand these spiritual principles to abundance, but they are implementing them anyway.

    When you commit 100% to money flow and seek to repair any leaks in your ability to manifest, you will experience a turnaround in your experience your money flow.

    Share in the comments below when Manifesting and the Law of Attraction has worked for you in business. I’d love to hear from you.

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