How To Get Your Glow On … And Be a Light For The World

To be radiant – is a manifestation sought after by health and beauty enthusiasts, as well as many followers of certain new age and spiritual beliefs. The term lightworker is growing ever more popular and common.

First of all, many of you may be wondering – what is a lightworker? In a simplified explanation, a lightworker is someone here to share positivity, to help raise the vibration, bring healing and solutions to issues, inspire and be a stellar example for others.  There are many lightworkers on Earth, sharing their light and beauty in areas such as teaching, healing, the arts, developing new systems and solutions, and much more.
We can recognize these individuals by a sort of glow about them – a light energy that attracts us to them. These are people who inspire and uplift others and bring a very positive contribution to Earth, sometimes by simply being loving and kind.

A radiant glow can also be a sign of great health. Bright eyes, wide shining smiles, glowing skin – all manifestations of vitality, health, and abundant chi – or life energy. Many people who take great attention to what they eat and how they care for their bodies, can be recognized for having abundant health by the radiance they exude.  In certain traditions, it is said that the body is our living temple for our soul to dwell and experience the material. With the belief that we are divine creations – we can conceptualize our temple bodies as a sacred space for hosting the light of our soul.

For those of you who resonate with this idea of radiance, light, shine, and glow, and are perhaps wondering – How do I get my glow on? How do I increase my radiance and be a luminary – a light to the world? , that is what this article is focused on illuminating – tips for you to raise your vibration, increase your light, and carry a torch of hope in a world struggling to find balance.

I touched on the fact that many people who take great care of their physical health often have a shine or a glow about them. This is an excellent place to start to begin bringing more glow to your life. Start with a commitment to a program that will help you increase your health by caring for your body.  Start with a full body cleanse. Flush your body of toxins and stagnant energies. Clean your organs, your blood, your lymph system … clean out parasites and shed excess weight. As your body is cleaned out, it becomes more efficient and able to utilize the nutrients that you put into it – thus creating more life energy/ chi, and improved immunity. To follow the suggestion of cleansing, I encourage all of you to boost the level of health supporting foods you consume. The more high-vibe nutrition you consume – the more health, vitality, and positive energy you are infusing into your temple body.  Feed your glow with fresh, organic foods. Eat a variety of colors, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and make most of your own food at home with fresh natural ingredients. Avoid packaged, processed, refined, artificial, stale, overly heavy or fried foods, alcohol, stimulants, sugar, and animal products. Try this for a few months and watch your glow grow!

In addition to feeding our temples with supreme nutrition, keeping them fit and active is crucial for living in health and radiating light. Keep your blood flowing and your lungs pumping oxygen (one of the most powerful detoxifying and longevity enhancing substances on Earth) with any exercise that inspires you and feels right for your body. Yoga, pilates, dance, running, weight training, swimming, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, or whatever your personal favorite may be – just keep active. Can you remember seeing someone just after they worked out or did yoga? They quite often are glowing. Good health definitely helps the light shine.

Beyond just the body we can also incorporate additional practices that help us develop our inner light. Meditation, breath work, mantras, affirmations, positive visualization, forgiveness, cultivating compassion, helping others, gratitude, sharing, generosity, humility, creativity, self-love, sound and energy healing, honesty, cooperation, and expressing love, are all ways we can feed our inner light and grow as luminaries for the world.

Just as we need to be conscious and take care of what foods we eat, we must also be conscious of what other energies we choose to feed ourselves – especially what messages we take in through music, writings, movies, and other channels of information or influence. To maintain a higher vibrational state, it is wise to choose uplifting media, with a base of truth and integrity, and share messages that enhance your remembering of your divine truth and purpose. You want to fuel up with high-level energies, so choosing media that inspires you and keeps you on your higher track of empowerment and radiance is always to your benefit.

One last suggestion for manifesting abundant radiance – get in nature often. When possible go barefoot. Walk on the Earth, go in the forests, swim in the rivers and the oceans, smell the flowers, look at the amazing design of it all, climb mountains, bask in the sun, bathe under a waterfall, climb a tree, observe creation. The energy of nature has the ability to cleanse your energy field, ground and center you, uplift you, raise your vibration, remind you of truth, inspire you, heal you, and increase your radiance – your life-affirming glow.

This reality of being a luminary is, of course, a holistic venture. We recognize that we are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings. We have the power to anchor the infinite light of our higher selves into our temple bodies for this human experience – this mission of increasing the light on Earth, so we may restore the sacred balance and achieve peace, prosperity, and freedom for all.

For those of you ready to take your shine to a new level of radiance by cleaning your body and boosting your health with a fully guided full body cleanse program, contact me for details.

For those of you ready to transform your life and catalyze your healing and awakening process, contact me for details regarding mentorships and life coaching opportunities.

My deepest gratitude goes out to all my fellow luminaries, torch bearers, and way showers. Together we are shifting the reality and creating an awesomely inspiring new world. Thank you for your radiance. Keep the glow growing and keep on shining bright.

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Blessings of Light ~
Zahrah Sita


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