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    The Spanish journalist Paco Nadal, made an audiovisual, in which he presents Costa Rica as a model to follow, where tourism has become an engine of social and economic development.

    The production is titled “Heroes Anonymous” and compiles the stories of people who contribute to the positioning of our Model of Sustainable Tourism Development, in which tourism is the ultimate tool for overcoming the peoples.

    “We are working hard to consolidate our image on the European continent because for many years it has been a market with a huge potential that we had not taken advantage of. This production is part of the strategy for strengthening in Europe and is the result of our efforts with our public relations agency specifically in Spain. Beyond a holiday destination with an impressive natural wealth. “, Explained Mauricio Ventura, Minister of Tourism.

    This time we visited the Caribbean, Guanacaste and the Indian reservation of Yorkín. The video shows a group of people who have dedicated their lives to the development of communities. It is mainly Costa Ricans and resident foreigners who decided to leave their mark in Costa Rica with notable contributions.

    “The concept of Heroes Anonymous shows the human face of people working in their communities and demonstrates the relevance of tourism as a tool to promote social progress, which is strengthened thanks to the ethic that incorporates sustainability in their lifestyle, Said Alejandro Castro, ICT Market Director.

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