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    manos juntas dando afecto

    Forgiveness, One of the Most Difficult, but Rewarding Actions For A Human Being

    Forgiveness comes from the greek word: Afiemi: Verb that means to let go or liberate. When...

    The Mirror

    The BUDDHA was sitting meditating with his disciples and a man approached him and verbally offended him, he threw dirt in his face and...

    Are You Addicted To Your Story?

    The stories that we attach to and define ourselves with, can be detrimental to our well-being and success.  Many people have gotten caught in...
    costa rica spirituality

    How To Get Your Glow On … And Be a Light For The World

    To be radiant – is a manifestation sought after by health and beauty enthusiasts, as well as many followers of certain new age and...
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