The Mirror

Searching books and thoughts, I found the following reading

The BUDDHA was sitting meditating with his disciples and a man approached him and verbally offended him, he threw dirt in his face and spat at him, the BUDDHA looked at him with love and invited him to meditate with him, his enraged disciples took stones and sticks to punish such an offender.

The BUDDHA stopped his followers and did not allow them to stone the man, the Buddha told him to come every day to meditate with them; The next day the man appeared and apologized, to which the BUDDHA responded, I have nothing to forgive you, rather I thank you for your action, because you have been a mirror for my disciples and for me, they reacted as you did with anger and violence and taught me that I have to work on myself since they follow me, and you do not ask me for forgiveness because if I already forgive you, it is the EGO that lives in me and I am not the one who inhabits my being.

To have Ego is to live imprisoned in the SELF, it is to walk with a chain of emotions and drag it in the traffic of living, it is always to think “how good and perfect I am“, and we do not realize that we create and maintain an umbrella of pain in a rain of stones, to walk along this path called life is like walking among cactus, it is to dodge so as not to be pricked, since the thorns are the ego, and if they hurt us we get stuck and it is hard to get rid of, it is meandering that illusion that we easily fall, and this leads us to a current of displeasures towards others, and when we fall into it when we believe that we navigate in the tranquility of our words and for the rest we are drowning in our own filth.

Relating these basic principles of existence, I want to point out that magic does not reside in what I see, but in what I reflect, is that a magical question, what are you reflecting on that bothers me so much, riding between uncertainty, wear and tear? and the bad emotions, we should look for what is in you that rejects me?

All the people are our mirrors and as the teacher Buddha says, if I teach and my disciples fail I am failing; the speculation that we must do is the following, “The error is in me” not outside of me.

When reading this reflection we must think, how many things we notice in our external world that bothers us, how many times do we think we must forgive in order to continue our journey?

It is not what is outside that bothers us, it is what is inside of us. that torments us and we do not remember it, much less we tolerate it, it’s like having a stone in your shoe, until you decide to take it out, it will not stop bothering you and therefore you will continue to walk badly for the rest of your days.


In the space you have selected to be your personal sanctuary. Light a candle of the color of your preference, if you like, light an incense, Look for pencil, paper and some colors. A glass with natural water.

Sit in a comfortable position, breathe deeply and bring to your mind the last incident that caused you discomfort and produced in you reactions of anger and hatred, keep it for a moment in your mind, revive it, do not let go, go through it.

Take the sheet and place the name of the incident and the person and underline the name with the color you want, and start to download your anger and frustration that that person produces in you, in the terms, words, and vocabulary you want.

When finished read carefully what came out of your being on the page, scrutinize every word, every feeling, every reaction and being totally impartial, look how much you look like that person, how many times have you reacted the same?

And acknowledge your behavior, profoundly dig every detail and you will find forgiveness and acceptance towards you and love towards your mirror.

Remember there is a law that is always fulfilled, you become what you most reject.

After finishing the exercise burn the used papers and put it in the hands of the universe and experience the peace that gives you the truth.

Take a time of reflection, breathe deeply and sip the water.



SOURCEElvia Sánchez
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