Exploring Pachamama: One of Costa Rica’s Largest Spiritual Eco-Communities

It’s clear from the moment you step foot inside Pachamama’s 500-acre jungle oasis, you are entering a unique, contemplative space, built with intent for healing the body, mind and soul.

Located about 15 km north of Nosara in the province in Guanacaste, Pachamama is accessible through San Jose or Liberia airport. Many people are attracted to this well-known community for its purposeful, off-the-grid village and powerful workshops (such as meditation, yoga, music, indigenous medicine, etc…)

Pachamama was originally founded 20 years ago by Tyohar and a group of like-minded travelers who became inspired to create and build a truly unique community after finding the 500 acres of wounded land. The space had originally been cleared for cattle farming and it possessed no water, electricity or homes to live. Having been previously moved by the teachings of the mystic Osho, while traveling and studying in India, this group heeded the call to initiate their own alternative community that lives in harmony and wholeness with the Earth.

Now, exactly two decades later, this unique village comprises of 70 full-time residents and a Jungle School for the 25 children who live on-site. The Pachamama spiritual community is grounded in six pillars: Meditation, Emotional Healing, Physical Rejuvenation, Native Ceremonies, Ecological Living and Mystical Musical Journeys.

In high season, they can have up to 250 visitors and in low season, approximately 150. Visiting children can participate in the Forest Class program, where they will be immersed in arts and crafts, nature walks, story-time, games and adventures. The Pachamama Village also has their own form of currency, the choco, which is equivalent to the USD.

It’s important to note that Pachmama does not accept walk-in visitors and must be scheduled by appointment only. Also, the minimum recommended stay is at least one week, but up to 3 months is the optimal duration to truly immerse yourself in nature’s surroundings and to shed your attachments, in order fully heal.

One of the most appealing and impressive cornerstones of the village is the temple of Osho Hall. It is a large meditation space, where all residents and visitors are encouraged to gather at day’s end to collectively participate in an evening meditation from 6:30pm to 7:15pm. This is an important ritual for all in the community to gather, contemplate their day, sit in silence and prepare for the evening in peace.

Pachamama is constantly improving and upgrading its’ ecological footprint. Last year, they implemented a radical recycling program and aimed to further conserve water (due to many years of drought in the area), by installing compostable toilets on the property – both have been a success.  In addition, a new smoothie bar was constructed, where they serve delicious drinks and cleansing, detox beverages with no added sugar or ingredients made from gluten. Both adults and children are actively involved in eco-activities such as restoring native and endangered trees, as well as growing organic food.

Overall, it’s clear from the moment you step foot into Pachamama, to the moment you leave – that this community has been intentionally designed for those who genuinely seek a path toward restoration and healing. Those who wish for respite from their busy, stressful lives will not be disappointed by this unique and ecological gem.

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SOURCEAlice Soon & Pachamama
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