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    A Costa Rican Boy Dreamed of a Chocolate Cake for his Birthday and the Local Police Fulfilled the Wish

    A humble mother of three children published on social networks with happiness and at the same time sadness that her son Gabriel’s 15th birthday was near and she had no money for a cake. Doña Yahaira, expressed on Facebook, her...

    Uplifting Recommendations for Essential Workers to Positively Face this Pandemic

    Human beings are social by nature, but a large part of the world population has to put that aside during the present Pandemic situation, with each of staying quarantined in our own homes. Even so, there are people like doctors,...

    Teens Create Their Own Routine During Quarantine

    It always has been common that Teenagers spend the whole day locked up in their rooms and from time to time come out to the kitchen and ask for something to eat. But the change in family dynamics that...

    Leisure Activities You Can Do During the Quarantine

    We lead a very busy life that, most of the time, was excessively complicated for us to slow down, breathe, and be fully aware of everything around us. During the quarantine, it is time to slow down and rethink...

    How To Make The Most Out Of Your Time During This Quarantine Period

    A situation that is being experienced for the first time in many countries of the world is the “quarantine”. A situation that caught most people off guard. Many feel they can not find what to do, but in reality,...

    Why Situational Judgement Tests aren’t as Bad as You Think

    For current students and new graduates who are on the hunt for the right early career programs, Situational Judgement Tests surely are familiar. For anyone who has not heard of these, they are a type of Aptitude Tests, almost...

    “Teleworking”, The Productive Trend That Has Been Consolidated In All The World

    People who have been advocating the advantages of “Telework” ensure that it generates more freedom, productivity, savings and closeness with the family, by part of the workers. In a world in which information technology is advancing at breakneck speed and...

    Newborn Babies: The Great “Seducers”

    The baby has tender weapons of "seduction" from which few of us can escape. His subtle, tender and angelic nature makes him the most spoiled of the family. The baby has the most beautiful smile This is the earliest form of...

    Parable #9: Blow Your Own Horn A Parable by Donald Lee

    (This week is the twelfth installment of the book, “The Band Director’s Lessons About Life”, which TCRN is publishing as a series during 2020. This week, band director and spiritual author Donald Lee relates a parable about being yourself....

    All You Need To Know About The “Yin Yang” Philosophy

    The "Yin and Yang" symbol, also known as the "Chi Tai" or "Taiqi", consists of a circle equally divided by an S in reverse, into two sections, one white and the other black. Inside the black section, there is a small circle of white color. Inside the white section is a small black circle. Each of the individual aspects of the Yin Yang symbol has a specific meaning
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    Crisis in Panama Leaves Losses of US$500 Million for Agribusiness

    The blockades and protests that began more than 2 weeks ago in Panama against the high cost of living have caused losses of around 500 million dollars
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