A Costa Rican Boy Dreamed of a Chocolate Cake for his Birthday and the Local Police Fulfilled the Wish

A humble mother of three children published on social networks with happiness and at the same time sadness that her son Gabriel’s 15th birthday was near and she had no money for a cake.

Doña Yahaira, expressed on Facebook, her gratefulness for the life of her son, but with much melancholy her lack of resources for making him a cake. The mother said that her son asked her for a chocolate cake, his favorite, but the present moments of crisis prevented her from buying one.

Two police officers of the Turrialba Public Forces delegation in the province of Cartago, Cinthia Álvarez, and Yahaira Barrantes read the message on social media from Mrs. Yahaira Astúa. Immediately, both of them got down to work and collected the resources among their colleagues to buy the cake that the fifteen-year-old wanted so much, as well as a pizza and soft drinks.

With everything ready, they headed for Gabriel’s house in the El Mora neighborhood, in the La Isabel district. The birthday boy along with all his surprised family received the officers with great enthusiasm and his mother appreciated the gesture with sincere excitement.

Gabriel is part of a family of four brothers, father, and mother, who due to the circumstances of the Pandemic saw their income greatly decrease so that a birthday celebration was not possible. However, the Turrialba Police force fulfilled Gabriel’s dream and managed to sing along with the family a happy birthday life and then enjoy the much-desired chocolate cake. That’s what we call a big surprise for that young man from those two official police officers. We realize the effort that official police officers make in making an act of love and charity.

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