Why Does my Baby Put Everything in His Mouth?

Exploring their world...

We cannot forget that babies start sucking before they are born. In the womb, many of them already suck their thumb.

After its birth, the sucking continues with the maternal nipple and the teat of the bottle.

Months later, they discover her little fingers, her feet, her fist, as well as everything around her.

Thus they learn to distinguish textures, shapes, sensations, and flavors…

When the baby puts something in her mouth, she bites it with her gums, sucks it, and moves it with her tongue.

This is their way of doing’ recognition’ of the object.

At the same time, the sucking calms and calms him. What should parents do? Parents should not prohibit because, after all, the child is discovering new sensations and learning.

What they should do is watch, walk with a thousand eyes so that everything around their baby is appropriate to their insatiable oral curiosity. The baby’s environment, from birth, must be safe, without objects or things with which he can harm himself and choke.

It is very common to observe that some toys carry specifications regarding their use as ‘toy not appropriate for children less than 3 years of age’. Surely you’ve ever seen it. It will not be in vain that they put this notice, right? It is that from 6 months to 3 years, children persist in their oral knowledge.

Baby oral research is not only natural and organically necessary; it is part of the exploration and experimentation of the world.

Apart from the baby’s curiosity to put everything in his mouth, we have to consider that his sucking is also due to the teeth coming out. The baby is irritable, upset, and sucking, and biting things relieve stress and tension caused by pain.

It is important that what can be put in the mouth is clean

The normal thing will be that everything that is within their reach ends up sooner or later full of drool, and before that what we can do is be on the lookout so that everything they can take is susceptible to being subjected to their oral examination. It is therefore important to take extreme care of your objects or what we leave you to play with.

Sometimes we think that toys, well washed, do not pose a problem and nothing happens because they put them in their mouths, but you have to be careful since some toys can release a substance or break with the risk that the baby ends up ingesting a part that puts him in danger.

Therefore, you should always choose toys that comply with safety regulations and are suitable for their age.

If our baby has a real passion for putting everything in his mouth, we can choose one of his favorite objects to take with him when we go out to avoid taking any other on the street.

The baby explores the world by putting objects within his reach into his mouth. It is a curious behavior that constitutes a sign of intelligence.

Find out why it does it and what benefits it gets.

Although we must encourage the baby to explore objects with his mouth, because it is the way he has to know the things around him, it is also true that we only have to leave within his reach or offer him objects that are not dangerous for him. no sense, and that they are suitable for their age.

Above all, when you start walking, you have to watch important aspects related to your safety.

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