These Will Be the Fitness Trends for 2023

    Trying some fitness trends can be the key to getting in shape once and for all and not only from the physical aspect,

    Germs in Swimming Pools are the Cause of Multiple Infectious Diseases

    On vacation it is common for people to spend a lot of time in swimming pools. These are recreational spaces

    In the Mountains, Protection Against the Sun’s Rays Must be Greater

    Do not expose yourself to tanning beds, although people have become aware and these are increasingly in disuse

    Patients are Transferred in a Modern Ambulance Boat on the Gulf of Nicoya Waters

    The residents of the islands of Chira, Venado and Caballo will cross the waters of the Gulf of Nicoya in a modern ambulance boat

    The Anouncement of Ayahuasca “Pill” by a Canadian Pharmaceutical Company Brings Much Controversy

    A Canadian company announced the development of a pill made from an extract of two plants used to brew Ayahuasca. But supposingly this goes against the “Nagoya Protocol”

    Costa Rica Faces Challenge of Continuing Reduction of Sodium in Prepackaged Foods

    The consumption of sodium and trans fatty acids (TFA), present in pre-packaged foods that are distributed in Costa Rica, is associated with suffering from non-communicable diseases, such as overweight, obesity, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.

    The Path to Alcoholism Recovery, a Difficult but Rewarding Process

    Alcohol has clearly become the number one preventable killer in the world

    The Danger to Health of the Risky Behaviors which Go Viral

    On the platforms there are girls who share a diary to eat the minimum each day, ideas to purge or self-harm. We spend half or more

    Research Will Identify Needs and Barriers of Lung Cancer Patients in Costa Rica

    Lung cancer is considered the leading cause of death in developed countries and the second in developing countries

    The Integrative Function that Ayahuasca Has in the Human Being

    Ayahuasca, as an Amazonian mixture, is a psychointegrator of the conscious and unconscious dimensions of the human being, and also of the individual and group dimensions.
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    Assistance Dogs and Their Priority Work among Groups With Functional Diversity

    According to various studies, 78.9% of people say that "their pet" is one more member of the family and, even, for 9.4% it is the most important being within the family nucleus
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