Performing Remote Surgeries Will Be Possible in Costa Rica by Developing 5G Technology

    Medical training revolves around Revolution 4.0

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    Costa Rica is preparing for the arrival of 5G and one of the hopes of the current administration is that, within a prudent period, public and private hospitals in Costa Rica can perform remote medical procedures, as part of the benefits that the implementation of this technology to the health sector.

    Following the policies announced by the Executive Power regarding the possibility that Costa Ricans can enjoy the fifth generation mobile network before the end of the year, both at a business and private level, the hope that the country will advance in such proportions increases.

    Relevance for the country and competitiveness

    “We see it as positive that the development of 5G technology in Costa Rica is part of the Government’s priorities, which proves the relevance and transversality of telecommunications for the country and competitiveness,” says Mario Montero, president of the Chamber of Infocommunication and Technology (Infocom).

    However, these efforts must be accompanied by an ambitious strategy in the promotion of research and development (R&D) programs that pave the way before the arrival of these innovations and their consequent use for the benefit of the population, particularly in terms of regarding public and private health.

    “The preparation of the country for the introduction of remote surgeries and other advances depends on several factors, such as investment in R&D, the availability of technological resources, and the training of professionals trained to use these new technologies,” says MarianelaNúñez, rector from the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT).

    Precisely in this house of higher education they claim to have made strong investments that exceed $40 thousand in the purchase of state-of-the-art devices in order to have laboratories where students can be trained in environments as similar as possible to what currently prevails in operating rooms, laboratories or medical equipment industries.

    Cutting-edge innovations

    In this sense, applications based on cutting-edge innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, for example, are used on a daily basis by specialists in various disciplines for the exercise of their profession, mainly in the private sector.

    “New technologies have come to disrupt a paradigm by being able to detect precancerous lesions in very early stages that were previously difficult or impossible to detect with the naked eye,” explains Dr. Jorge Vargas, a gastroenterologist at the Equilibrium Clinic.

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