Fun on the Rocks: Participate in the Boulder Festival at Tilarán

    The best climbers in the country will be at this event and also people who want to try it and enjoy

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    Who as a child did not try to climb a wall or climb the highest ledge in the house? As much as these scenarios that we used to do when we were younger were somewhat dangerous, now you will be able to practice bouldering, a sports discipline that consists of climbing rocks or low walls, without ropes and with “crash pads” or mobile mats, where the companions of climbing help protect them from hitting each other when falling, always trying to solve the sequence of movements to reach the objective at the top.

    On Saturday, February 26th, the Libano Boulder Festival 2022 will be held in Tilarán, an area that seeks to place in Costa Rica, as a favorite destination in the country to practice Bouldering thanks to its rock formations that offers routes for all levels from beginners to even advanced.

    “Previously we have held a similar event in Dota and the area has had great growth, now we want Libano in Tilarán to continue developing, the best climbers in the country will be at this event and it is time for people who want to try it, enjoy the community among climbers and get to know a natural paradise”, said Aziz Ftis, co-organizer of the event with the Eskalar initiative.

    This will be a recreational event and open to the public

    The cost of registration per person will be 20,000 colones and the first places will receive prices, although the organizers point out that the gathering is the most enjoyable part of the event.There will be categories for the little ones from 6-13 years old, as well as from 13 to 17 and the Open category for adults.The site has well-marked trails, a parking area and an incredible waterfall to take a bath at the end of the event.

    “There are categories, because we also want to encourage those passionate climbers who dedicate time to training and progress, so we divided the categories and we would be rewarding the best climbers for their performance during the day. On the day of the event we will discuss in more detail the rules for the competitive format. But the competitive part is not the main issue, rather it is camaraderie”, indicated Ftis, owner of the Eskalar gym in Escazú.

    Registration will be made directly in Eskalar or on the same day of the event they will also receive those who want to participate. Finally, the event will have a closing activity at the Lake Arenal Brewery Tilarán hotel where the awards will take place and the presentation of a national climbing film.

    Where to sign up?

    Place:Eskalar Sports Center, Guachipelín de Escazú, in front of District 4

    Email: [email protected]

    Number: 2228-2142

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