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    Young people, from 18 to 29 Years Old, Are the Most Frequent Victims of ‘Sextortion’

    The most frequent victims are between the ages of 18 and 29 since of those 416 complaints filed

    Indigenous Leader Acquitted in Mexico of Charges Related to Traveling with Ayahuasca

    Establishing important jurisprudence at the international level as proof of Ayahuasca and other Indigenous ancestral medicine`s legality

    Costa Rica Will Gather Industry Experts Exhibitions in Latin America

    The international event, which will take place from April 25th to 27th, 2023, will be attended by more than 100 specialists from America and other parts of the world

    US Wants to Block Merger of Jetblue and Spirit Airlines; Both Fly to Costa Rica

    With its very low-price ticket business model, Spirit "increased competition and lowered fares on hundreds of lines across the country,"

    US Fears Invasion of Canada’s “Incredibly Intelligent Super Pigs”

    risk to human health and safety" by being capable of carrying viruses such as influenza,

    USA Recognizes Tica Doris Ríos with the 2023 Brave Women International Award

    Thanks to her work as a promoter of the rights of indigenous peoples in Costa Rica, Doris Ríos

    Good News! The Fair Industry of Latin America Will Arrive in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country that on countless occasions has been the setting for great activities, either to talk about how to get ahead

    Costa Rica and its Protection of Endangered Animal Species

    In the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, a study was prepared that currently reveals that the main threats that affect the manatee

    Canada Announces Play Equity Agreement Between Men’s and Women’s Teams

    there is still work to be done to ensure that our two national programs receive the necessary resources and support

    Why Pregnant Russian Women Flee to Argentina for Giving Birth?

    They are either fleeing the war or looking for a better life with an Argentinean passport that will open new doors for them
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    Italians in Costa Rica: A Mutual Benefit Story

    Italy in 1951, devastated by World War II and plunged into a serious economic crisis, Admiral Luigi Sansonetti founded the Italian Society for Agricultural Colonization (SICA)
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