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    Yokasta Valle Wants More After Becoming Simultaneous Monarch of Two World Boxing Federations

    Valle has made six defenses of her title, plus the unification, and her numbers have been very good. Thursday's fight showed

    The World Pays an ‘Appalling Price’ for Reliance on Fossil Fuels, says UN Chief on Visit to Pakistan

    "From Islamabad, I launch a global call: stop this madness. Invest now in renewable energy. End the war against nature," he said.

    Virtual Conversation Addresses Behaviors that Lead to Thinking About Suicide in Costa Rica

    "Suicide is a public health problem which has increased in recent years, that is why, through these spaces, we seek to raise awareness

    Metaverse: a Passing Fad or New Reality?

    The metaverse can also contribute to society and offer opportunities to those who have a physical disability or who suffer from social

    Entrepreneurship for Retirees in Costa Rica

    Retirement is seen as the most longed-for stage of life, some see it as a dream to be achieved, even a "paradisiacal" dream, we look forward

    Omarya Sánchez, the Girl Who Could Not Be Rescued

    Omarya Sánchez, the girl who could not be rescued. She was only 13 years old when a volcano that had been dormant for 69 years

    Medical Tourism in Costa Rica Recovers After the Pandemic

    Adventure tourism and ecotourism continue to dominate as the country's main income. However, medical tourism has taken center

    Regulations for the Production of Industrial Hemp are Established in Costa Rica

    The Costa Rican Executive Power signed the first of the Regulations to Law No. 10113 related to the use of hemp or non-psychoactive cannabis, for food and industrial us

    72% of Costa Ricans Perceive Misleading Advertising In Digital Commerce as Very Frequent

    The conclusions indicate that 35.9% of consumers consider that misleading advertising is very frequent during online sales and purchases

    US Airline Southwest Announced Two New Flights and Increase Frequencies to the Two Main International Airports in Costa Rica

    Southwest Airline indicated that as of March 9th, 2023, it will fly twice a week to the Juan Santamaría International Airport (Saturday and Sunday).
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    Organic Waste from Daniel Oduber Airport Will Fertilize Orchards in Liberia

    The organic waste produced by passengers at the Daniel Oduber airport in Guanacaste will serve as fertilizer for the gardens of families in the San Rafael neighborhood of Liberia.
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