Costa Rica Reiterates Alert Avoiding Trips to the Middle East as the Situation Could Become “Aggravated”

    To reach out to fellow citizens, the social networks of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Israel remain active

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    The fear that the situation in the Middle East would become even more complicated led the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reiterate the call for the Costa Rican population not to travel to the area.

    “Given the continued state of war and recent events that could worsen the situation, the Government of Costa Rica recommends that its nationals suspend travel,” the Foreign Ministry said.

    The alert includes:




    West Bank

    Gaza Strip

    Likewise, extreme caution is recommended in the border cities between Israel and Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.

    High risk and unpredictable security situation

    According to authorities, the call is “due to the high risk and unpredictable security situation.” The foreign ministry stated as part of its statement that the possibilities of evacuating tourists from a war zone in the event of an emergency are very limited and that it does not have the economic or material resources to do so. Costa Ricans living in the area are advised to exercise constant caution and stay away from border areas and preferably in the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

    Getting in contact

    To reach out to fellow citizens, the social networks of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Israel remain active. Also the telephone (00 972) 3-613-5061 and the email:

    [email protected]

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