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    Why Pregnant Russian Women Flee to Argentina for Giving Birth?

    They are either fleeing the war or looking for a better life with an Argentinean passport that will open new doors for them

    High Temperatures in Canada Cause the Closure of World’s Longest Skating Rink

    Ottawa's 7.8-kilometre Rideau Canal will not host skaters for the first time in its history because the ice lacks the minimum thickness to be considered safe

    Costa Rica Agrees on the Need to Regulate Autonomous Weapons

    Representatives of 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean agreed in Costa Rica on the urgent need to negotiate a legally binding

    Ferry between El Salvador and Costa Rica Could Start Operations in June 2023

    According to the executive director of Coexport, Silvia Cuéllar, the core point of the negotiations with the operating company is the rate that best suits the companies.

    Cartago Has Tourist Attractions that Have NotBeen Exploited Yet

    Instead of being a transit area, Cartago has the potential to attract thousands of tourists and with it, generate wealth and more employment

    “Work From Anywhere”: Is It Possible In Costa Rica?

    In the wake of the pandemic, scores of organizations around the world were forced to hastily implement remote work.

    “I Want to Move to Another Country”: 6 Useful Tips For Migrants

    It has happened to all of us at some point, but when we decide to leave, cross borders and seek other horizons, our hearts become small.

    Third Patient in the World Completely Cured of HIV Infection is Confirmed

    Doctors performed a successful stem cell transplant on him. He has now gone 4 years without treatment and with no detectable virus in his blood

    Costa Rica Needs to Advance to an Entrepreneurial Culture Hand in Hand with Innovation

    By compiling data, we observe that since 2019 Costa Rica fell from 55th to 68th place in the Global Innovation Index (GII), according

    Saudi Arabia Will Carry Out A Strong Campaign To Promote Costa Rica As A Tourist Destination

    A strong campaign within their country will be carried out by Saudi Arabia to promote Costa Rica as a tourist destination.
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    Costa Rican Women Produce Fashion Items with Fish Leather

    From discarded skins, Puntarenas women produce resistant footwear, clothing, and accessories
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