Remote Working Does Not Decrease Business Productivity

    It should not be viewed as a threat to businesses

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    First of all, let’s start by recognizing that there are tasks that cannot be done remotely. Also, let’s think of the people who have worked hard in the most difficult moments of the Pandemic, such as toilet room cleaners, shop assistants, technicians, etc…

    Mistakenly, many entrepreneurs think that remote working means losing control and do not want to see their offices empty. They may have accepted it as a temporary solution, but above all, it should not be viewed as a threat to their businesses. Although physical presence is still essential in many areas, remote work does not have to lead some companies to lose anything.

    Here we give you some advice that should be taken into account when teleworking:

    Control is still necessary.

    People appreciate the flexibility and the ability to reconcile, but it is essential to establish computer systems that enable control. The Pandemic is making many workers take it for granted that they will continue to work from home, and sometimes that is not possible.

    The company should not be shy about creating its rules and communicating them openly. And those who, for reasons such as fear or “risk of getting sick” must telework, must establish criteria for schedules, fairness between employees who come to the office, supervision systems to know who is working at all times and where, along with measurable objectives. When everyone knows what to do and what to expect if they do not, productivity is not decreased.

    Trust and then evaluate

    Ernest Hemingway said something that seems obvious, but is not so obvious: “The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust him”. And this also applies to remote working. We all know people who look at their social networks and waste their time. But that happens both at home and at company headquarters. Some are really committed to their work and others limit themselves to meeting a face-to-face schedule, without producing too much. Therefore, the place is the least and dedication has nothing to do with presence. The important thing is to evaluate people for the objectives achieved and the quality of their work.

    Take care of the contact

    The fact that people are working remotely does not mean that contact is lost. Teams must continue to hold meetings and face-to-face encounters frequently and regularly or, in case of impossibility, by videoconference. The important thing is that people, even if they do not spend 8 hours together every day, can feel the proximity of the other; it means that they know that all together form a team with a common goal.

    And let’s not forget that we are social beings by nature; we bring our “mirror neurons” from the factory, which are part of our empathy, and with it we achieve bonding. It is what makes us be more human.

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