Digitization Today, in Pandemic

    COVID-19, a disease that has accelerated digitization in our days

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    The Pandemic derived from COVID-19 has brought with it many unfavorable consequences. But through it humanity has experienced an even more advanced digitization. Which according to researchers was expected by the end of this decade.

    In the midst of a negative impact, which has been experienced in all parts of the world due to the recommendations to avoid the spread of the disease and with it possible sources of contagion. It is precisely these actions that have led technology to experience a new boom where it is undoubtedly the protagonist in the new daily life.

    The “new daily life demands a total digitization from the world

    Countries like Costa Rica have already been experiencing for just over a year the consequences and difficulties of dealing with the toxicity of a virus like the one we all know. It is time to give way to technology and empower ourselves to take advantage of this historical situation in the hands of the technological boom. In our country there are already many companies and organizations that have made the leap in a solid way to digitization obtaining great results.

    Here we share some of the most important digital transformations in society:

    Decentralization of work: This is one of the main advantages that stand out when we talk about business digitization. This aspect allows penetrating a much wider market through teleworking. A professional option that had already been worked on in the past but that has taken on much more strength today as the main response to the restrictions imposed on the disease.

    Permanent presence in the market: It is important to mention that digitization is an aspect that will always keep us in competition and will provide us a step forward in terms of innovation, thus forcing us at all times to be aware of the most optimal solutions we can offer to the market.

    New business opportunities: The current process regarding the digitization of your business model allows us to unleash the idea of offering new products or services, thus giving the business a greater reach using tools such as social networks, App or videos.

    Finally, it is necessary to note that digital transformation, change in production processes and business management are no longer an option but rather an obligation if we want our company to stay alive. The most advisable aspect is to make the decision to enter the digital process or to maintain and improve it. This in order to be able to face even more the changes that humanity must assume in the future.

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