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    Garabito in Costa Rica Aspires To Become a Strategic Center for Digital Nomads

    Converting Costa Rica into an ideal destination for digital nomads and being a strategic point for these tourists, promotes the Chamber of Tourism and...

    Garabito Municipality Decides to Close its Beaches at 2:30 pm

    Driven by the difficult health crisis that the current COVID-19 Pandemic represents, access to the Garabito beaches will only be allowed between 5:00 am...
    King Coyoche

    Coyoche, King of the Chorotegas, Important Historical Character of our Native Indigenous Culture

    Peoples belong to two different cultural groups: Coyoche belonging to the cultural area of ​​Mesoamerica and Garabito to the so-called Intermediate Area

    Fear of Zika leads pregnant women in Jaco to be cautious

    The pregnant women of the Garabito canton understand the severity of the Zika virus, as 119 of the 351 confirmed cases have been from this region. They...

    80% of indigenous zika cases concentrated in Puntarenas

    Eight of the ten zika cases that have appeared in the country are concentrated in the province of Puntarenas. Of the eleven cantons that form...
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