Garabito Municipality Decides to Close its Beaches at 2:30 pm

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    Driven by the difficult health crisis that the current COVID-19 Pandemic represents, access to the Garabito beaches will only be allowed between 5:00 am and 2:30 pm. This after annulling the decision that the legislative council had taken previously, which highlighted that they would be open until 6:00 pm.

    Likewise, it was announced by the mayor of this town Tobías Murillo that this action will be maintained at least until he manages to hold an extracurricular meeting with representatives of the executive power in order to reassess this type of measures.

    Decision wrapped in controversy

    The decision to abide by the ordinance stating that the visiting hours on the beaches would be until 2:30 and not until 6:00 in the afternoon as the administration of Mayor Murillo intended to carry out is issued after Pedro Gonzales, Vice Minister of Health and Patricio Morera, Executive President of the Municipal Development and Advisory Institute warned that the Mayor and his executive office were exposed to being sued for disregarding the sanitary measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the national territory.

    “There is no prejudice with this type of measure and we want municipal autonomy to also be respected. In all this type of sanitary decision, the coastal municipalities have never been consulted,” these were the words of Mayor Murillo when asked about this altercation in which his administration has been the protagonist. Likewise, the mayor himself was emphatic in also announcing that his intention revolves around not wanting to affect tourism activity in Jaco which revolves around visitors who want to enjoy the coast.

    Health authorities have their own criteria

    On the other hand, the authorities in charge of the health sector have denied the possibility of extending the hours of visits to the coasts of this sector. Health specialists affirm that the decision of closing beaches and tourist sites at 2:30 in the afternoon is a measure that helps reduce mobility and the crowding of the beaches so that consequently the possible sources of contagion of the disease decrease.

    Open areas should have different standards

    However, after having reviewed the versions of both sectors regarding extending the visiting hours on the beaches of this town, the reporter team of The Costa Rica News offers its perspective expressing that to control possible sources of contagion, the most suitable fact is to control the schedules in closed spaces, but in open places like beaches, it is much less prone to get COVID-19. So authorities should take into account issuing less restrictions for these areas.

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    1. The beach closure is beyond ridiculous by ill informed elected government officials with ulterior motives. The closure cannot be substantiated by any science or data known to exist in this world. It’s quite the contrary, all the data supports the benefits of being outdoors instead of being stuck indoors that helps stop the spread of the virus. The fake narrative of stopping the “mobility and crowding of the beaches” is idiotic. People will still be mobile and there has never been a crowded breach in over a year.

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