Garabito Was Epicenter for the Indigenous Peoples of Costa Rica

    The activity took place this March 16 and 17, in Garabito, and whose purpose was to promote exchange between these communities and empower the knowledge of their ancestors

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    The indigenous communities Huetar, Cabécar, Boruca and Maleku; Renowned international guests from Brazil, specialists who study the traditions and cultural heritage of that country, as well as the Peruvian artist Luis Tamani and the Resonance community of QuebradaAmarilla, in Jacó, met this past weekend to exchange and share information about their ancestors.

    Ancestral Culture

    Under the name “Ancestral Culture”, this meeting took place on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17, in Playa Hermosa, and its purpose was to unify and empower the lines of knowledge of the ancestors that are present in our country, to that they can enrich each other, share their wisdom and cultural knowledge through art, music and the practice of traditional ceremonies.

    “This activity was open to the public, so that people could educate themselves in these practices and live experiences that connect them with their ancestral memory. In addition, the possibility was opened to sponsors and donations for the tribes, which are granted to the communities for the growth and needs of the fruits that were identified in this meeting,” explained Diego Díaz, organizer of the event.

    Alianza Soberana Foundation

    This cultural exchange is a meeting point for the indigenous communities of Costa Rica, in addition to others present in Latin America, where ancestral wisdom and the unification of native peoples are rescued. “Ancestral Culture” is an initiative born from the Alianza Soberana Foundation, sponsored by Resonance Costa Rica and TOJI Nature Retreat, with the support of Restaurante SER Jaco and Elixir Bar.

    The project arises from the current need to recognize and honor the wisdom of native peoples, to mutually enrich and unify in their different lines of cultural work and spirituality; Likewise, with these practices and traditions that are part of our origin, develop an inclusive culture for the national and international community where we can learn and grow.

    An achievement of great value

    “The Ancestral Culture event, a cultural exchange of indigenous peoples in Costa Rica, is an achievement of great value that sought to unite ancestral knowledge and practices. This initiative, led by the Sovereign Alliance Foundation, promotes the integration of indigenous communities to preserve and share their traditions, thus strengthening their ties with the history and identity of the culture and spirituality to find more freedom. This meeting is in itself a living testimony of the cultural richness of Costa Rica and a valuable step towards unity and celebration of the diversity of our roots,” concluded Daniel Yépez Carias, co-organizer.

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