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    Today’s consumers are more demanding and informed, but there is also a huge opportunity to empower those who are still unaware of the scope of their rights.Luis Enrique Porras, marketer and professor at San Marcos University, explained that consumers look for personalized and fluid shopping moments, both online and in physical stores.

    The consumer behavior expert also points out that factors such as sustainability are influencing the new consumer profile.This is because people are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases and are looking for sustainable products and services.

    Finally, the specialist includes personalization in this list: “today’s consumers look for products and services that completely adapt to their individual needs and preferences,” he emphasized.

    Consumer Rights

    Regardless of the factors and changes that occur over time, it is essential that people inform themselves as consumers of products and services.Within the framework of World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on March 15.

    Porras highlighted the main rights that all consumers must know and protect:

    • To clear and precise information about the products and services they purchase.
    • To safe products and services that do not represent risks to your health or well-being.
    • Freely choose between different products and services.
    • Have quality products and services that meet expectations.
    • That your personal data is protected and not shared without your consent
    • In addition to knowing their rights and ensuring them, it is essential that consumers take into account some recommendations when purchasing a product or service:
    • Before making a purchase it is important to compare prices and products to find the best option.
    • It is important to read product labels to obtain information about their content, ingredients and characteristics.
    • Consumers must be critical of advertising and not be carried away by exaggerated promises.
    • If a consumer has a problem with a product or service, they must present their complaint or complaint to the company or to the corresponding authorities.

    Keep the invoice

    Regarding this last point, in case of disputes or problems with products and services, consumers can advocate for themselves in the following ways:It is important to keep invoices, receipts, packaging and any other documents related to the purchase.

    The first step is to contact the company to try to resolve the problem directly.If the company does not respond satisfactorily, the consumer can file a formal complaint with consumer protection authorities. In the case of Costa Rica, it must be processed through the Consumer Support Directorate of the Ministry of Economy.

    In case the above measures are not sufficient, the consumer can seek legal help.“Knowledge of rights and responsibilities is the best tool consumers have to protect their interests.

    World Consumer Rights Day

    “On World Consumer Rights Day, it is important to remember that people have the power to demand quality products and services, as well as fair and respectful treatment from companies,” Porras concluded.

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