Costa Rica Is the Leader in Central America and Fifth in Latin America with More Digital Nomads

    With more than 18,000, our country is one of the most attractive in the region for remote workers

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    Costa Rica is first in Central America and fifth in Latin America with the most digital nomads according to the page.The platform analyzed thousands of Instagram posts to find out where remote workers are online today and what the top senders are.

    With 18,856 our country is positioned as one of the most attractive and popular in the region for digital nomads.In Central America, it is followed by Panama with more than 10,000 and Nicaragua with almost 5,000.

    Meanwhile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina complete the top 5 in Latin America.Globally, the United States is the country with the most digital nomads, followed by Spain, Thailand, Mexico and France.

    Benefiting the economy

    “Digital nomads, having a longer stay in the country, spend more than the average tourist and use a greater diversity of services, benefiting the economy and the populations that host them. It is excellent news to know that we are, once again, among the most desired destinations”, said William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism.

    398 applications

    As of December, Costa Rica had a total of 398 applications for the specific visa for digital nomads, with the United States (194), Canada (53) and Germany (31) being the countries that report the highest number of applications for the process, according to data. of the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration.There are about 35 million remote workers in the world, and the vast majority are Americans, the study revealed.

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