Digital nomads: Joining a community might be the solution to avoid loneliness and enhance work connections

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    Nowadays, in all parts of the world, there is a notable shift in preferences regarding work conditions. In fact, we can observe an increase in the number of digital nomads. These people, coming from all parts of the world, have chosen to change their life by combining work and travel. This practice, predominantly embraced by younger generations and facilitated by new technologies, allows entrepreneurs but also employees to work remote.

    This practice was further enhanced by the Covid-19 pandemic, which made citizens realized that working remote does not necessarily mean working from home, but from any place which allows to do your job properly. In fact, Forbes states that in 2020, “the number of digital nomads in the U.S surged almost 50 % to 11 million”.

    More than a change in habits, this phenomenon is also a cultural shift. Digital nomads, mostly composed by younger generations, now reject what the older ones were seeking. Owning a house, having a stable job and work a 9-5… What was previously considered as the perfect life in a traditional society is no longer attractive. A lot of people now seek to break free from societal norms and reclaim their freedom by balancing their professional and personal life as they please.

    “Everything else says this is the wy you are supposed to live: work really hard, buy a house, start a family”.

    Chris, digital nomad for 2,5 years, tells us about his decision to change his life: “I had been working remote from home for about a year before coming here (Costa Rica). I realized that I could still handle my business and be in paradise. I had a job before where I worked 85-90 hours. It was a great job, I had a company truck, I made money because I made a ton of overtime. But it was one of those jobs in which you think ‘if I keep showing up at 5am every morning and stay until 9 o’clock every night for 20 years, I’ll have enough to just barely get by for the rest of my life’. I had to get out of programming telling me this is what a good life looks like: have a job you can retire from and be able to pay your bills. I just realized that was not the life for me, which was a hard choice to make because everything else says this is the way you are supposed to live: work really hard, buy a house, start a family”.

    To embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, individuals must carefully pick their destination, considering various factors such as the potential expenses, the language spoken in the country, or the taxes that may apply to them.

    Costa Rica stands out among countries renowned for offering favorable conditions to digital nomads alongside other countries such as Spain, Croatia, or Portugal. The climate, the landscapes, the time zone or the array of activities and adventures available in the territory make the country attractive. (See more here The Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica)

    “In a community, you find connection, it prevents a certain sense of isolation”

    Although being a digital nomad can open the door to many wonderful adventures, moving frequently from one country to another is an experience that can induce feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

    To prevent this isolation, some digital nomads turn themselves towards communities, which allow them to meet like-minded individuals and foster both personal and professional support. Joining such communities not only mitigates loneliness but also provides an opportunity to discover new lifestyles and learn from different perspectives.

    One such community is Resonance, located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Resonance offers an open and welcoming space for digital nomads from all ways of life and parts of the world to come and share experiences. Emphasizing consciousness and environmental awareness, Resonance operates under the ethos of “Less environmental waste, more personal growth.” By becoming part of a community like Resonance, individuals can learn about sustainability and sovereignty while forging meaningful connections and friendships.

    Chris, also member of Resonance, explains: “The advantage of being a part of a community is that the people you meet are likely to have the same mindsets. They probably left whatever conventional life they may have had. I think especially here in Costa Rica you can find people who are of the similar mindset when it comes to the connection to the earth. In a community, you find connection, especially when you’re in a foreign land alone, it prevents a certain sense of isolation”.

    Connecting through community events and learning through community projects

    Resonance is dedicated to nurturing a strong sense of community through initiatives like creating co-living spaces and moments. In fact, although the community is decentralized, its members still gather regularly in the different community spaces such as their “hub” or the centers in which they organize retreats, in order to foster connection among them.

    Providing these times for members to meet presents the ideal chance for digital nomads to create networking opportunities, exchange knowledge but also travel and work tips. Meeting other digital nomads is also a way to increase their motivation as they can inspire and help each other. Finally, joining a community is a sure way to dive into different cultures and thus learn about other beliefs, perspectives but also ways of working, allowing digital nomads to get inspired by these learnings and integrate them into their own lifestyles.

    Resonance seeks a new way of living independently from society. To achieve this vision, the community is striving for sovereignty in six key areas which are consciousness, land, water, food, energy, and data.

    As part of its long-term objectives, Resonance aims to implement a cooperative farming initiative on the surrounding land. Such project would enable members to contribute to food sovereignty efforts while benefiting from it. This would enhance the community’s overall autonomy and that of its individual members. Digital nomads, therefore, would find themselves deeply drawn to this pursuit of independence, breaking away from traditional societal structures and learning alternative lifestyles.

    In conclusion, joining a community as a digital nomad is a perfect way to add an enriching dimension to your journey by allowing individuals to expand their horizons, deepen their connections with others, and gain valuable insights through shared experiences, collaborative learning, and mutual support.

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    Author: Maïna Couturieux


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