Remote Work in the US: These are the Opportunities for Costa Ricans

    Currently, there are numerous job possibilities in specialized

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    Remote work has established itself as one of the preferred options for numerous transnational companies. This trend, which has been gaining momentum in Costa Rica, responds to the desire of many people to work from home to ensure their safety and well-being, and to be aware of new trends. In addition, the savings in travel times and costs associated with it, such as transportation, clothing and food, is also a significant advantage.

    Precisely, this new way of working has challenged the long-held belief that physical presence is essential for collaboration and productivity. As more workers experience the benefits of teleworking, companies have begun to see the advantages of hiring people from other countries without them needing to relocate. This dynamic has streamlined hiring processes and reduced costs associated with relocation. Likewise, it allows companies to access a wider range of international talent without having to worry about the logistical and legal problems that often arise when moving foreign employees. This contributes to greater diversity and innovation in the workplace, while also increasing the company’s global competitiveness.

    Currently, there are numerous job possibilities in areas, especially such as engineering and software development, that are looking for Costa Rican professionals, who are desired by these companies for their solid academic training and their ability to adapt to new situations. These vacancies require a combination of technical and soft skills, as well as fluency in English, especially at level B2 or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Candidates must have previous experience in the industry to meet the demands of these positions and contribute to innovation and technological development.

    Well-paid opportunities

    According to leading job portals such as GlassDoor, salaries for positions such as FullStack engineers (one of the most in-demand) range between $5,000 and $9,000 per month. This level of compensation is considered highly competitive, especially since many of these opportunities are paid in this currency. It should be noted that this phenomenon of attractive salaries is not exclusive to Costa Rica, but is observed throughout Latin America, due to the strengthening of the dollar against the currencies of the region.

    Companies like the Software Mismo consulting firm are actively looking for professionals in specialized areas such as FullStack engineering and Cloud Computing. In fact, according to the previously mentioned job portals, specialties such as in Cloud Computing can offer monthly salaries of more than 6 thousand dollars per month. It is essential to note that these salaries depend on the company you work for, which means they could be considerably higher.

    “The positions offered for Costa Rican professionals in international companies present a valuable space to experience a global work environment, which encourages innovation, continuous learning and exposure to diverse cultures and business practices. These types of jobs, with attractive salaries and growth alternatives, are an excellent option for those looking to expand their work horizons and improve their professional development without having to leave home,” says Diego Gamboa, Chief Technology Officer of Mismo.

    Specific keywords

    The executive highlights the importance of using specific keywords such as ‘remote work’, ‘job opportunities abroad’ (or country of preference), ‘competitive salaries’ and ‘professional position’ when searching for employment online. These terms allow you to filter the results to find vacancies that fit the candidate’s skills and experience.

    “Also, it is important to identify the companies that are our preference due to their benefits, technologies and industry, remembering that they usually publish job offers on their different social networks, such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, as well as information, articles and activities aimed at the community,” Gamboa points out.

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