Costa Rican Companies Promote Tourism in Four Large US Cities

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    Costa Rican companies and the Proimagen Costa Rica organization are preparing to travel to the United States in May with the aim of capturing the attention of more tourists in the cities of San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and Boston.

    The tour to the country’s main tourist market will take place from May 28 to 31. According to ICT data, in 2023, 1,473,620 arrivals from that market were registered. In the first quarter of 2024, the United States contributed 522,521 arrivals.

    Best prospects cities

    Proimagen Costa Rica, an organization of tourism companies specialized in promoting the country in the world, targets these four cities in 2024 because they concentrate populations very interested in continuing to travel to Costa Rica. This is what the ICT calls “best prospects.” For example, Denver is characterized by having a population that greatly enjoys adventure and outdoor activities. Additionally, the Frontier airline flies from that city.

    Boston has a very good economic level, it is a city with many prestigious universities and it is one of the urban centers whose inhabitants most enjoy visiting Costa Rica.

    The Costa Rican mission, which will seek to close business with tour operators in the country, will also undertake the task of holding educational seminars. Likewise, on this tour they will visit San Francisco and Chicago, two cities that belong to California and Illinois, respectively, and that are among the top 10 states with the best prospects in the United States. According to ICT studies, California alone concentrates 16.3% of the best prospects; That is, 4.5 million people are interested in traveling to Costa Rica.

    During the event there will be a presentation of Costa Rica as a tourist destination in each city. Participating companies will be able to exhibit their services in a marketing exchange that will take place after the talk. Costa Rican companies that participate will have access to the entire database. In addition, they will be able to interact and have meetings to negotiate with more than 200 travel agencies from all of these North American cities.

    How to join

    If any company wishes to join this promising opportunity, do not hesitate to contact Proimagen Costa Rica. You can send an email to [email protected] or call the telephone number 7143-7960.

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