Why Hire Digital Nomads And How To Attract Them?

    The recruitment process must be adapted hand in hand with technology

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    A digital nomad is a professional who uses the internet as their work tool and thanks to this they can work remotely. Faced with these types of profiles, the recruitment process must be adapted hand in hand with technology.

    Being a digital nomad is a trend that was growing and as a result of the arrival of Covid-19 it grew exponentially. Anyone who can work with just a computer and internet connection can be a digital nomad.

    In that sense, both Mexico and Colombia have become the best destinations to be a digital nomad, according to Kayak. Companies are becoming more flexible in their work modalities. Not for nothing, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is promoting the country as a remote work center.

    Main characteristics of digital nomads:

    Freedom of movement. As they are not obliged to go to an office, they can carry out their duties from anywhere in the world, just by accessing the internet.

    Like to travel. They combine work with tourism.

    They work for objectives, not to meet working hours.

    They don’t just move for the money. Salary is not their main motivation when working, but they seek a good quality of life and balance.

    What are the advantages of hiring digital nomads?

    • They have a high capacity to adapt and are not afraid of change.
    • They work without the need to be supervised.
    • They are often motivated because they like the freedom and income that remote work brings them.
    • Their experience through different places causes their creativity to flow and they provide new points of view and solutions for the same problem.

    How to attract and recruit a digital nomad?

    If there is no relationship between the physical location of the employee and the company that hires him, the attraction and recruitment process also changes. According to VenturesSof, a company that develops technology in the cloud and Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for the management of Human Capital, mentions that the head of human resources must take into account:

    • The language required for the vacancy
    • The type of contract that will be offered to the candidate
    • The activities to perform and their lifestyle.
    • And above all, clearly communicate to collaborators what is expected of them.

    “Each organization must make a critical analysis about its strengths and working conditions, in order to provide a positive experience to its candidates and potential new employees. In other words, it is necessary to match the needs of the company with that of the digital nomad.” commented Mirelle Kramis, Director of Digital Transformation at VenturesSoft.

    Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

    If the way of working has changed, the process of attracting and selecting talent must also change. The age of information and connectivity has brought multiple advantages to talent attraction processes.

    Today it is possible to optimize recruiters’ time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) through keywords or hashtags can filter and profile only the resumes or resumes of the most suitable candidates. In this way, the recruiter will not invest so much time, since they should only focus on the most suitable people for the position offered.

    In addition, AI will make it easy to return to the search for the most qualified resumes with just one click, just as Human Pandora does now, which analyzes and profiles the most outstanding CVs according to their competition, so the algorithms work quickly to deliver the results desired by the person responsible for recruitment and selection.

    Therefore, the hiring of digital nomads becomes much easier with the use of technology and software that helps with the entire personnel selection process, as well as the analysis of CVs, reducing time, which makes HR focus in truth, in talent.

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