Worldwide Healers Unite in Support of Ukrainian Refugees

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    My name is Karl Voll. I am a volunteer supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Ukraine. In these blogs I share some of my experiences.
    Thursday 3/24/22 – Ukrainian Refugee Childcare Center – Warsaw, PolandFolks are showing up from all around the world; people who have been called to assist Ukraine and have chosen to answer the calling. An angel appeared today holding a guitar and carrying love in his massive heart. Bruce Callow, from Canada, answered the call to bring sound-healing to Ukrainian refugees.

    Bruce Callow, using his musical talents to send love to Ukrainian refugee children.

    The kids at the childcare center absolutely loved him and he really understood how to connect with and open them up. I learned a lot about interacting with children, by observing him. Later in the afternoon, he played guitar and sang in the cafeteria to the delight of everyone. He seriously, ROCKED THE HOUSE! I wasn’t there, but I heard that even Polish soldiers and police officers were getting in on the action. One woman stepped forward from the crowd and began to sing while Bruce strummed his guitar. It was a freestyle moment, when music spontaneously sprang forth, transcending culture and spoken language. God bless you Bruce! You added a lot of joy and love into the hearts of many people today.

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    Bruce Callow educating Ukrainian refugee children about our solar system, including this depiction of “Zemlya” (Earth).

    Thank you for answering the calling and showing up to deliver your medicine. Canada, y’all sent a champion to Warsaw. Bless you for that!Also, arriving today to assist, was a woman from Spain, named Danielle, who took time off work to come help the Ukrainian people. Miska and another boy gravitated to her and I heard much laughter coming from the three of them all afternoon. She has the gift of connection and the ability to break down invisible barriers. Spain, thank you for sending one of your daughters to Poland. Y’all empowered her as a human to the point where she was able to arrive as an open-hearted healer, activated and ready to serve. Bless you Danielle and all of Spain! U.S. President Biden is in Europe right now and is promising more support for Ukraine. He’s visiting Warsaw tomorrow to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda and I am excited to hear exactly what America will be doing to assist Ukraine. I read today that the U.S. is planning to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and offer substantial monetary support for the Ukrainian refugees ($1 billion) and this should be officially announced tomorrow. I am proud of my country for stepping up in these ways. Bless you America! As has been the case from the very beginning of the war, Poland has opened itself entirely to the Ukrainians. I love you Poland. You really inspire me to GO FOR IT in supporting others! Bless y’all!Today at the childcare center, the younger daughter of my friend Raj (Ukrainian refugee) was calling out for her momma as tears streamed down her face. It must be terrifying as a young child to be in an unfamiliar place when mom and dad aren’t right there.

    Her older sister hugged her tightly to soothe her and calmly explained to me why her sibling was crying. We called Raj through FaceBook and she spoke with momma and pappa which helped her get back into a state of peace. Raj said that he and his wife were, at that moment, on a bus returning from a very important meeting with the United Kingdom Immigration Services in which they interviewed to apply for a visa in order to relocate to the U.K. They will find out tomorrow if their visas have been issued. Please pray for them! Shout out to all my peeps in the UK: I love y’all! If this family is granted permission to live among you, I know you will show them love and support. Bless you England.! CALL TO ACTION: please pray as focused and intently as you can over these next 24 hours that Raj Kush Majumder and his family are approved for visas to migrate to the U.K. It will give their family stability and the opportunity to begin rebuilding their lives Many blessings, people of the world. Together, we really can do massively awesome things. I am believing more and more in the goodness of human beings. Let’s continue to support Ukraine in all ways that we can. We are all healers in one form or another, so I say to every one of us: HEALERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!

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    SourceKarl Voll
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