Young Indigenous Bribri Graduates with Honors From a Prestigious University in The United States

    Kenya YanelyRoa Reyes obtained her double degree in Business Administration and Communication

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    Young Costa Ricans have always stood out for their commitment and dedication. The desire to excel is innate in the Ticos. There are many areas in which Costa Ricans have raised the name of the country.

    One such case is that of the young Bribri Kenyan indigenous Yanely Roa Reyes, who this past Saturday obtained her double degree in Business Administration and Communication at one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States: the University Of The OzarsClarksVille in Arkansas.

    The 22-year-old graduated with Cum Laude honors

    According to Oscar Almengor on his Facebook account, Roa arrived at that prestigious academic institution after being admitted to the Walton scholarship program to study a degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance and also media production at the University Of The Ozarks Clarksville. Arkansas, United States in the period 2018-2022.Kenya Yanely completed her high school studies at the Sepecue Talamanca Academic College.

    Not the only one

    Almengor commented that, like Roa, there are three other Bribri indigenous youths who graduated from the Sepecue Talamanca Academic College and are studying at prestigious universities in the United States.

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