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    Indigenous Bribris Undertake an Ancestral Gastronomy Restaurant

    Offering the original gastronomy of Tico indigenous peoples, with flavors full of history, healthy food and hand in hand with the environment, gave rise...

    Get to know the 8 Indigenous groups that Live in Costa Rica

    Indigenous peoples are the original inhabitants of each country and in the case of Costa Rica; there are 8 well-defined groups with distinct expressions...

    Discover Amubri and the Bribri Indigenous People of Talamanca

    Taking a trip to Costa Rica is one of those unique adventures that are lived and enjoyed to the fullest. So if you are...

    Are Costa Rica’s Indigenous Activists In the Crosshairs?

    The killings of members belonging to indigenous populations, along with persecution and harassment, have generated fear, helplessness, sadness and mostly anger in the voices...
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    Small Producers Association Specializing In Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development

    Women have an important role in a producing company like APPTA. This fact, for one, doesn’t affect the participation of men who take part...

    A Beautiful Little Corner Called “Puerto Viejo”

    Puerto Viejo is a small town located on the Atlantic Coast in the Province of Limón and has one of the most beautiful landscapes...
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