Costa Rican Institute of Tourism Creates Exclusive Informative Microsite for Digital Nomads

    Making the country more accessible to remote workers

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    Foreigners who define themselves as digital nomads and who wish to visit Costa Rica to telework and do tourism now have a specialized microsite for these travelers within the website developed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism . Access is given through one of the photographs in the upper banner and also by entering through “Things to do”.

    The page is entirely dedicated to digital nomads. There you can find information about the benefits for these travelers when they arrive in Costa Rica, as well as the requirements they must meet to obtain their stay, the steps to obtain the immigration document, data on the medical services policy that they must acquire, together with details for a future renewal of your immigration status and other specifications of interest.

    It also has a direct link to the site of the General Directorate of Immigration, where the forms that must be completed are found, as well as the link to download the regulations of Law 10,008, known as the “Digital Nomads Law”.

    The microsite displays relevant tourist information on Costa Rica, visually complemented by a map with the time difference from our country and its cities of origin.

    Reactivating the national economy
    Carolina Trejos, ICT Marketing Director, commented that the recent approval of the Digital Nomads Law contributes to the process of reactivating the national economy.

    “Our greatest potential is in those markets where Costa Rica has a great position and knowledge, such is the case of the United States, where 50% of digital nomads come from. We are a country with high connectivity that allows visitors to communicate and connect with their companies from anywhere in the world”, added Trejos.

    The promotional action is part of the beginning of a marketing strategy that ICT will develop, focused on digital marketing on specific platforms, social networks and media of high interest for potential “digital teleworkers”. Initially, the page will be available in English, but a Spanish version will be available in the next few days.

    The digital nomads
    Potential digital nomads are people with an average monthly income between $3,000 and $5,000, according to data compiled by the ICT. They can travel alone or with their families. This new preference for remote work is also becoming a tourist trend that is growing and will continue to do so in the coming years.

    Digital nomads are expected to positively impact the lifestyle of many people, generating new services and creating a different community of travelers around the world.

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