Resonance Reinforces Law of Attraction for Digital Nomads to Costa Rica

    Driving the economic and tourist reactivation in the country

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    Infrastructure provided by Wellness Resorts such as Resonance facilitate the development of the strategy for attracting digital nomads proposed in the country by providing the conditions for foreigners to properly carry out their work in Costa Rica.

    The attraction of “digital nomads” drives the economic and tourist reactivation in the country. After the arrival of the pandemic, this type of foreign worker has become a social phenomenon that continues to grow on a global scale. To take advantage of this trend, the country has developed the “Law to attract workers and remote service providers of an international nature (N.22215)“ digital nomads”.

    In this context, the physical and technological infrastructure conditions that the country offers so that digital nomads can adequately perform their functions, is key so that this type of worker can perform well within the national territory. In this sense, Resonance has indicated their interest in supporting the logic of this strategy through the essence of their goal, which is to create an environment so that professionals who can work remotely, have the ability to perform well in their duties.

    World Tourism Day

    November 27th is World Tourism Day and is an appropriate date to analyze in detail the economic impact that the arrival of digital nomads who come to work in our country. According to data from the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), each digital nomad would inject about ¢ 15 million into the national economy per semester.

    Resonance is committed to offering flexible solutions, safe and inspiring spaces and incomparable community experiences so that the attraction of this type of worker is possible in Costa Rica. Digital nomads who access Resonance have, for example, special packages so that those who travel to Costa Rica can make use of their beachfront spaces.

    Ideal conditions

    With its new law on digital nomads, the country poses ideal conditions for attracting remote workers such as special visas with migratory category of “non-resident” for terms of up to two years, residence permits for one year in Costa Rica, extendable to an additional year and exemption from taxes such as income, and import of computer and telecommunications equipment; in addition, beneficiaries would have full exemption from income tax and the possibility of opening local bank accounts.

    Resonance, meanwhile, provides digital workers with workplace options equipped to deliver what they need in the post-pandemic era since it is an expert in hybrid work, spaces that enhance the productivity and creativity of the people who work within its facilities in Playa Hermosa just South of Jacó

    For more information about this unique and transforming experience, don’t doubt in contacting us at:

    Resonance Costa Rica

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