Digital Nomads: Work For the New Age

    Digital nomads are the best option for teleworking in times of Pandemic

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    The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected a large part of the countries of the world and caused governments, companies and people to create new job strategies that are ideal for living in confinement for a long period of time.

    Many of the companies that had a type of operation in which their employees could telecommute, chose to take these measures for maintaining the pace of remote work and thus avoid contagion by COVID-19.

    To attract residents in the midst of the Pandemic, several countries have joined the strategy to implement visas for digital nomads, where citizens can choose to legally telework in other countries.

    What is a visa for digital nomads?
    We begin by explaining to you that some tourist visas are usually a problem for those who wish to stay in the country they are visiting, for a longer period of time. This is a barrier that also affects people who telecommute, but could apply for traditional employment visas. For this reason, the visa for digital nomads was created.

    Visas for digital nomads are travel permits that legalize the status of professionals who travel and can work remotely in that nation. The document allows a longer stay and is easy to obtain because it does not require a work contract.

    How do digital nomads opt for visas?

    All countries that issue visas for digital nomads have their own policies and regulations. Some allow citizens who wish to apply to do so through an online page. Which is convenient in the middle of the Pandemic because due to the Coronavirus, in addition to the fact that these people are used to doing everything digitally.

    Countries that offer this visa for digital nomads?

    Germany: was the first nation to create two types of visas. One for artists and one for digital nomad professionals, who must register at the German tax office.

    Czech Republic: offers a special business visa from which digital nomads benefit.

    Portugal: has designed a temporary resident visa that can be used by freelancers and entrepreneurs.

    Bermuda: Offers one-year residencies for people interested in working or studying remotely.

    Costa Rica a country that has everything to attract digital nomads

    Costa Rica offers multiple characteristics, technological, tourism and health advantages so that a model like this is attractive for digital nomads and which will allow its development throughout the national territory, impacting local economies depressed by the Pandemic.

    National Assembly deputy Carlos Ricardo Benavides has presented a bill that aims to attract foreign visitors to the country who want to telecommute and thus leave benefits to tourism and commerce.

    These temporary foreign visitors who, due to their flexible labor conditions, will come to the country to do remote work will leave benefits especially in the economic sector. The digital nomad visa allows citizens to work legally in the country, as long as they do so remotely and independently.

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