The Best Blackout Blinds

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    Many people struggle with insomnia and have no idea why. The main cause seems to be an abundance of light whenever and wherever they try to sleep. Have you ever wondered why night time is when you sleep best? Your 24-hour internal clock, which may be referred to as the circadian rhythm, evolved to keep you awake and alert during the day and release melatonin, a hormone that causes drowsiness, when it is dark and when you should sleep. However, in this day and age, even when it is night, there is a lot of light pollution even in our homes. It is rarely truly dark. Electronic light can prevent the release of melatonin as it tricks your body into thinking it is still daytime.

    Some people work night shifts, and so their sleeping time is, by necessity, daytime. They may have a hard time getting the recommended hours of sleep as the sun keeps waking them up to sleep.

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    For the best sleep, a completely dark room is recommended. Despite most people knowing this, not many people have taken the steps to darken their rooms for better sleep even though it is not impossible to do so.

    There are different methods of darkening your room and helping you get better sleep. The one we will look at and recommend is to cover your windows with blackout blinds: with a little research, you can select the best blackout blinds from websites or visit your local home goods store or consult an expert in interior design or real estate management.

    Here is a brief overview of the best blackout blinds for your home.

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    Curtains are usually single-layered and will allow light to pass through. Blackout curtains are made of thicker fabric and provide room-darkening features built into the fabric.

    Roller blinds

    These are the most common blackout solutions available because they are very easy to install and operate. They also very affordable and have attractive designs. Once fitted with thick blackout fabric, the thick material provides heat insulation in addition to the light blocking.

    Vertical blinds

    The overlapping vertical slats close to block light, and their large slats providing better protection than most horizontal Venetian blinds. Being so feature-rich makes it an attractive choice for homemakers.

    Final words                                          

    In conclusion, there are several blackout blinds available in the market today. Choosing the best blackout blind could be a challenge to many but there are several considerations to follow. Firstly identify the size of your room and the color of the walls. The above article clearly illustrates the best blackout blinds for your home. If you find it difficult to select the best blackout blind for your home consider consulting an expert for more personalized help.

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