Curtain Color for Grey Walls

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    Previously, grey was considered a dull color but in recent days it has gain popularity in room walls since it adds depth to a room without being dark. Due to their neutrality, you can add all kinds of other accent colors to make the room pop. Curtains can do a lot for a room’s overall look but the color will be determined by the aesthetic you want your room to have and the shades of the grey color used on the wall. There are several curtain colors for grey walls.

    Here are a few colors that will match and blend with grey walls and give your room an elegant feel.

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    1. White 

    White and grey can be the best blend and the first choice for your curtains to blend with the grey wall. The white curtains will pop out from the grey color as they also lend a light and airy feel. You can hang the curtains from an oil-rubbed bronze rod for the farmhouse feel or you can try a soft brass for a warm glam look instead.

    1. Tan and cream

    The grey walls are so versatile that you can pair them with other colors including other neutrals. The tan and cream curtains look beautiful against grey color and also bring in a little warmth. A blend of tan and cream curtains with grey walls will create an alluring and dazzling feel while in your house.

    1. Oatmeal

    Oatmeal is an amazing neutral color and it perfectly blends grey and yellow. A grey wall sometimes may feel cold and unwelcoming. But a set of oatmeal curtains and grey walls will open up the possibility of decorating with a warmer accent and still enjoy the light and airy feel of grey without the coldness. 

    1. Dusty Rose 

    Dusty rose curtains can work perfectly in any room with a grey wall and still give the sophisticated look. Dusty rose to create a beautiful color palate that can be attractive to anyone.  

    1. Navy blue

    One of the prettiest color curtains for grey walls is navy blue. It blends perfectly with the grey color on the wall without making the room dull or dark. Navy blue curtains will look magnificent in a room with brown furniture, white or cream accent.

    1. Yellow

     A bright yellow can create a warm, cheery room with grey walls. Alternatively, you can try mustard yellow for a more dazzling look. Either shade can still pop from the contrasting grey walls and create a fantastic aesthetic feel.

    1. Blue, grey, and white combination

    If color mixing is your taste, you can try a mixture of these three colors. They give an attractive pattern set on a solid white, hence brightening your room despite the darker hues 

    1. Natural green

    A floral pattern natural green curtain on a grey wall can give a fascinating look. They can beautifully blend to give an elegant look to your room. You can also try olive green; pair them with some warm neutral colors to achieve a harmonious appeal for the room

    Final words

    In conclusion, a grey wall can be paired with as many curtain colors to give your room a fascinating look. The curtain colors should be blended with the room décor to ensure a beautiful appearance. It’s advisable to avoid dull or dark colors on grey walls as they make the room feel more dull, small, and unwelcoming. 


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