Combining Real Estate Investment and Tourism in Costa Rica

    Buying a home to rent has become a great way to invest money

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    Within the rental business there is a niche where it is possible to obtain a much higher profitability. It is none other than investing in a house for tourist use, where tourism plays a very important role and Costa Rica is experiencing its most golden age.

    This industry represents more than 10% of the country’s GDP and is an important engine for the real estate sector. Housing for tourist use has been positioned as an alternative to hotels and as the best way to invest money if you want to take advantage of the big data on tourism in Costa Rica.

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    Profitable business: housing + tourism

    That the rental of housing for tourist use is the best way to invest money is not an unsubstantiated claim for very different reasons, including that Costa Rica is the country most in demand by Europeans and North Americans in all of Central America, and that more and more people prefer to stay in a home rather than in a hotel during their vacations. In fact, after the experience, 92% of tourist housing users would repeat this modality again.

    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    Best investment 2021: the vacation rental

    Apart from traditional real estate investment, the figures reveal that the profitability of short-term rentals is higher than that of long-term rentals. The profitability if a home is marketed on the platform is almost four times higher than if it is rented for a long period.

    If what you are looking for is to combine real estate investment with one of the most important industries in the country, vacation rental is the best way to invest money. In addition to the high profitability of apartments and houses for tourist use, this type of rental also offers other advantages such as:

    • Secure payment: eliminates the risk of bad debts, since 99% pay before entering.
    • Allows you to check the status of the property between stays.
    • Better care of the home: the home is kept more cared for than in long-term rental.
    • The care of the home is more controlled in vacation period rentals, since a control of the state of this is continually being carried out.
    • Guest selection: You can also make a guest selection based on your criteria, from age filters, pets, couples, families, etc.
    • Of course, the rental for tourist use requires much more dedication given the management that it entails; tenants must be received and cared for at all times and take care of cleaning and maintenance.

    Daniel Yepez/ TCRN Columnist

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